Who Then Can Trust Their Doctor?

The news which The Sunday Times (Jan 27th) carried on its banner title that a TD had been denied Holy Communion due to his decision to vote not only for the killing of the unborn, but with the equal rejection of pro-life amendments requested by eleven TD’s, asks that an uneasy question has to be raised with regards to what we have rapidly become.

In her excellent letter (Nov 23rd) Fiona Larmon listed the demands which Deputy Tobin and his colleagues asked for and which were roundly rejected by Simon Harris and Deputy Troy – the TD refused Holy Communion – and the other deputies and senators. When one sees that, not content with withdrawing medical care from any babies who survive an abortion, but that eugenics, and gendercide as well as the selling of bodily remains for profit and indeed experimentation on said remains, will not be outlawed!  It is of note that the Catholic Herald (Feb 1st) stated that Troy opined that ‘he was comfortable with his faith and that he doesn’t have to agree with everything that they preach. Thus showing a cold indifferential arrogance that beggars belief!

I had to re-read that letter at least ten times until the gravity of these views finally made some sense and the questions, which I have addressed previously in this paper and in other articles, could only come to one conclusion: This is identical with the Nazi ideologues who tried to justify the murder of innocents; from the Aktion T4 to its natural conclusion in the Shoah (1942-45)! Surely, the decision to refuse a TD who has voted for and agreed to these satanic proposals, was the right one; after all, is it not the first work of mercy to admonish the sinner (cf: Matt 18:15-20) and call for their repentance? Equally, any episcopal authority would (or should) expect nothing less from their clergy since they are doing what they promised to do at their ordination!

However, it is the easy acceptance that so many TD’s followed the party line and voted that eugenics and gendercide, as well as the selling and experimentation on aborted children’s remains should be part and parcel of the abortion settlement framework, that makes this truly enraging and shocking!  Go to Auschwitz and you will see how every part of the lives of those innocents was robbed and taken for the furtherance of the Third Reich!  Wholesale use of human skin to make lampshades; gold teeth and diamond fillings as well as prosthetic limbs for medical use, not to mention the experimentation on twins conducted by such monters as Josef Mengele! With the pro-life amendments rejected that is exactly what we will get!  Does this not fill their minds with terror that in rejecting the Tobin Proposals, each member of the Dáil has accepted the legacy of these said horrors listed above? Is there not even a minuscule of Catholic moral residue from the past telling their consciences that this is the evil of the past revisited?

The letters page of the Sunday Times (Feb.3rd) a week after the original reportage, was the usual mixture of stalwart defence of the priests action, especially from the impressive Eric Conway, who never fails to inform wisely.   But, there were also the usual sad recalcitrant commenters, whose mantra could be summarised as ‘the poor TD vs Taliban Priest and all over a wafer!’ This shows not only a failure to grasp even the most basic tenets of the argument; but yet again presents a damnable indictment of the failure of religious instruction since 1965!

However, the same weekend in which the denial of communion to Troy was reported, another paper: The Sunday Business Post, carried a two page special demanding, with the tactical precision exercised in the marriage redefining and abortion referenda: a number of sad and tragic stories calling for euthanasia to be made available, while placing those at the coal face as martyred heroes, whose only desire is to achieve the all-embracing elixir of choice: the mantra of the last two referenda. It did however state – with a certain amount of invective – that the Church would be a problem! Regarding this next moral referendum, it is interesting that Peter Singer- the Jericho trumpet of the death peddlers – had stated in his principle work: ‘Practical Ethics’ (1986) that not everything which the Nazis did was horrendous; and that we cannot condemn euthanasia, just because the Nazis did it!  Likewise, the noted American historian R J Lifton, author of The Nazi Doctors (1986), states that there is a difference between involuntary and voluntary euthanasia; this is of course misleading, given that the Nazis practiced both, albeit with limiting degrees, as seen in the euthanasia propaganda film: I Accuse (1941). Nevertheless, to the Catholic, euthanasia, never mind in what form it materialises, is still morally repugnant!  Again, we see how this has taken hold in the likes of Holland and Belgium, where its Jewish populace were under the Nazis systematically slaughtered, last year saw over 2000 euthanised and this is a clear illustration of how the eternal adage of failing to learn from historical mistakes is clearly demonstrated.

What is the most galling about these new means of achieving the perfect Ireland, minus its slavery to Catholic ideologies, is that the mantra of unity and equality is quickly ditched to facilitate this utopia and simply put: – nothing shall stand in the way of the state from achieving this (a clear identification with the sentiments of Ein Volk, Ein Fuhrer, Ein Reich)!  This is horrific in the extreme and opens up the possibility that none of us are safe! If a euthanasia bill is passed, it could mean that the old and unproductive can be killed, as well as declaring open season, via abortion and the rejection of the Tobin proposals, on Downs Syndrome people, who would be effectively, as in the Nordic countries, eradicated: so goodbye, Special Olympics; a little bit of money saved there, for to buy more ‘Winterville’ cards for Dáil Eireann come some December soon!

With the hipster amorals desire that abortion, hopefully in Varadkarian Ireland, will someday take the genocidal cue from New York, all weak members of the Irish State will be eradicated; money saved and a healthy society will flourish. This is what will take place.

The response of the Church should take its cue from the Mass at Multyfarnham and invoke the words of Blessed Cardinal Von Galen, who stated that, “silence in the face of such evil is identification with its guilt!”  The pathetic example set by the New York Archdiocese concerning the barbarity celebrated in that city recently shows and says a lot in this regard.

So, given that Ireland has effectively ‘adopted’ National Socialist eugenic values, I leave this call to realism to those who celebrated and those who enacted with slavish predictability (ie: FF- with notable exceptions of the enlightened 11 who refused!), the last words of Sophie Scholl, who at her trial in 1943, although a Lutheran, she and her friends were imbued with the wisdom of Catholic greats such as Newman and Chesterton, and who said the following:

‘Nothing is so unworthy of a civilised nation as allowing itself

       to be governed without opposition, by an irresponsible clique

            that has yielded to nothing less than to base instinct….