What youth really need today

In this article from the Catholic World Report, Fr Nicholas Gregoris looks at what young people need and at some of the responses they are given by the Church and the world.

He says, “Teens are hormonal. Hormones, like feelings and emotions, mutate—and do so frequently. They are unreliable measuring sticks of goodness, truth and beauty.  The Church, on the other hand, is by her very nature “conservative.” The “Magisterium” preserves (“conserves”) the unchanging “Depositum Fidei” (Deposit of Faith) and faithfully transmits it to each successive generation of believers. The Pope is in a privileged position as the head of the Magisterium. Liberalism (so fought against by Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman throughout his life) and the papacy do not go hand-in-hand. The Catholic Church should be the most counter-cultural institution on the planet, her fundamental attraction being that of a living sign of contradiction to a secular society that rejects the Cross of the God-Man as foolishness and weakness.”

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