Totalitarian Persecution

The Church has long been seen as the arch-enemy by totalitarians, who hate and fear the independent-mindedness and unwillingness to defer to any mere Party Line that are the glorious consequences of loyalty to God, country and family.

The most effective tactic of totalitarian fanatics is organised reputational assault on all who have proven publicly successful in opposing their false ideology. Here, “false” has a particularly strong meaning: for the hallmark of totalitarianism, in all its forms, is its insistence on slavish adherence to propositions that are manifestly, egregiously untrue. If those propositions were not manifestly false, there would be no need for totalitarianism.

Wokery – the nasty, cruel blend of Fascism and Communism that constitutes today’s transiently fashionable totalitarian ideology – insists upon the following propositions among others: that there are no differences between men and women; that there are so many differences between men and women that there are hundreds of distinct genders; that all those putative genders do not matter anyway, for everything from public lavatories to G7 communiqués ought to be “gender-neutral”; that genders matter so much that, at the taxpayer’s expense, even children should have the right to “gender-reassignment” surgery that will make them forever ill and unhappy; that divorce should be made ever easier and marriage ever harder (unless you are a serial divorcé described as a “Prime Minister” seeking to be wed in a Cathedral presided over by a woke Cardinal Archbishop who can be relied upon to put the Party Line before the Faith); that children are bad because their very existence harms the planet; that the torture, piecemeal dismemberment and butchering of children in the womb by way of abortion is a woman’s “reproductive right”; that homosexuality, notwithstanding the disease and death that it inflicts upon those who are at once its practitioners and its victims, is to be sedulously peddled, promoted and even glorified; that the State should own and command everyone and everything; and that to ensure the utter destruction of capitalism and the worldwide dissemination of abject poverty and starvation the coal, oil and gas that powered the industrial revolution should be forever banned outright.

Sure enough, under the increasingly ludicrous “leadership” of Carrie Symonds and her puppet Boris Johnson, the G7 met at a grey, dismal resort that no one had heard of on the least-attractive stretch of the Cornish coast and issued a leaders’ communiqué that comprised a foofaraw of fatuities that were the very embodiment of wokery. My favourite examples are the “Race to Resilience Campaign”, the “Race to Zero Campaign”, “equality, including gender equality, in the climate and environment sector”, and the “Equal by 30 Campaign for gender equality in the energy sector”.

One hardly need emphasise that all the propositions of the totalitarianism that calls itself “woke” are directly, bitterly opposed to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Readers of this column will already know that the assault on the natural, Christian family that is the greater part of wokery had its origins in the resolutions adopted by the Third Extraordinary Congress of the Communist Party of the United States in 1921, 100 years ago this year, at the direct instruction of an envoy sent by Lenin, and that the capture of Greenpeace and the wider environmental movement by Communists was part of the long-standing programme by the Kommissars of the Kremlin to destroy the Western economies from within, a programme greatly accelerated by the humiliating defeat of the Communist-led miners’ strike in Britain by Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.

How is it that soi-disant “world leaders” have fallen so rapidly and so head-bangingly into line with the “woke” agenda? The reason is their fear of being made victims of the campaign of vicious reputational assault that is directed against successful opponents of the Party Line.

The technique was invented by Goebbels, found in the archives of the Reichspropagandaamt by the then MGB, the precursor of the KGB, who had within one month founded the Disinformation Directorate to do nothing but trash the reputations of Communism’s leading opponents, and had thereupon mounted a decades-long campaign against Pope Pius XII, whom they falsely made out to be a Nazi-loving Jew-hater.

The sheer viciousness of that lavishly-funded, long-pursued attack is now a vital part of the armoury of totalitarianism. Boris Johnson, for instance, knows full well that extracting and combusting coal, oil and gas is not in the least dangerous for the planet. Yet he simply lacks the moral fibre to stand out against the woke bullies. Hence the pages and pages of twaddle in the G7 communiqué, where it is suggested that destroying the coal industry – the current focus of the totalitarians’ hatred – will somehow “create jobs”.

It ought to be obvious even to Mr Johnson that the enforced shut-down of coal-fired power stations, the generators of the cheapest electricity in the world by a large margin, is not only a waste of costly, long-established assets but a monstrous burden on every industry and every household. How anyone can imagine even for an instant that that daft policy will “create jobs” is beyond me. But there it is in the “leaders’” communiqué.

What is more, all the drivel about achieving “net-zero greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible” is about to be rendered visibly pointless by the forthcoming publication of a major research paper by two dozen scientists, among whom are some of the world’s foremost solar physicists.

After studying 16 datasets of solar activity and countless datasets of global temperature change, this large and exceptionally well-qualified team – I cannot yet name them, for their paper is not yet in print, though it has been peer-reviewed and accepted – have discovered that, if one studies only rural temperature stations unaffected by the direct emission of heat by cities, the rate of global warming is only half of the officially-stated observed rate.

What is more, they have discovered that natural influences – chiefly variations in the output of energy by the Sun – account for 70% of that small warming, and our sins of emission account for only 30%, equivalent to approximately 0.2 C° per century.

From here on, it is a race to the death between wokery and the truth. Let us pray, for the sake of our fellow men and women (male and female created He them), that the truth will prevail sooner rather than later.