The United Nations is coming for your Children

At the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, now in session, the Communists who now control most such supranational entities have infiltrated a far-out Left, feminist manifesto into the draft recommendations, which are always carefully prepared in advance and very nearly always nodded through unopposed by

For instance, “Guarantee access to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)”. The use of the calculatedly obscurantist acronym will eventually replace the weasel words “sexual and reproductive health and rights”, for too many non-Communists now know that these are code-words for abortion on demand – which, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with the health of the woman and everything to do with permanently destroying the health of her child by tearing it limb from limb and killing it in its mother’s womb.

And here is another gem: “Avoid online violence against women, and be able to hold media and companies who run social media content accountable for removing such content.” What this means is that anyone who argues against baby-butchering will be “cancelled” – i.e., prevented from expressing an opinion.

The unspeakable BBC already has an undeclared but rigorously-enforced policy of describing anyone who opposes the torturing and butchering of babies as an “extremist”. Long gone are the days when we were occasionally allowed to speak up for little children’s rights on the air.

Another recommendation is for “direct funding to women’s organisations and feminist movements”. This is by now a well-worn device used exclusively by the Communist Left. The watermelons (green on the outside, Red on the inside) have been doing it for years. One fine instance is the Aarhus Convention, which provides cover for hard-Left governments to pour taxpayers’ money into the already well-padded bank accounts of Communist front groups such as Greenpeace.

The national delegates who go to these conferences will almost never speak out against the Communists, for they fear the organised reputational damage they will have to endure if they do. As for the news media, they attend these international UN gabfests in large numbers, but even the few who are not on the far Left themselves go there to wine and dine and not to report what is going on in the negotiating chamber.

In my experience, it only takes one determined reporter to bring the whole house of cards crashing down about the ears of the bitter, anti-Western plotters who are ruthlessly inflicting maximal damage on the democratic nations via the international institutions.

Let me give you an example of what can be done. In 2011, I went to the annual Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations’ Framework Convention on Climate Change. Global warming is, of course, an elaborate fiction devised and maintained by Communist front groups with the idle, passive acquiescence of politicians too frit to endure the endless attacks on the reputations of all who ask sensible question about whether we really need to shut down the West.

There were journalists there from every major news institution on the planet. Not one of these thousands of reporters bothered actually to report what the conference was up to.

However, I went to the documentation desk and demanded a copy of the draft recommendations, which the Communists had long prepared. All such documents are carefully crafted in a turgid, bureaucratic, calculatedly impenetrable lack of style whose purpose is to induce all who try to read them to ingest a couple of leaden paragraphs and then go and do something more interesting – such as going to their local cemetery to watch coffins warp.

The official in charge of the documentation centre said that no draft recommendations were available. However, I knew the procedures and standing orders, and I knew the recommendations had been drafted. So I politely but very firmly insisted. Sure enough, from deep in a filing cabinet, a grubby copy was produced and given to me.

I asked the official what was in the document. He said: “One hundred and eighty pages of stark, staring lunacy. That’s why we didn’t want to give it out.”

I went back to my lodgings and sat up all night reading the entire document. It was indeed remarkably difficult to stay awake. However, by 3.30 in the morning I had written a piece for, the world’s leading climate-change website, exposing the Communists’ latest plans.

For instance, they were proposing to set up an International Climate Court, before which they proposed to empower themselves to hale anyone who expressed the slightest doubt about the Party Line to the effect that the world would come to an end unless capitalism and the West were destroyed. Climate sceptics would face the capital charge of “crimes against humanity”.
When the piece appeared online, all hell broke loose. The first thing that happened was that, on a hilariously trumped-up pretext, I was banned from the conference. So I hired a plane and skydived into South Africa from 10,000 feet. The resulting headlines were priceless and, as I had expected, the cowardly bullies of the UN did not dare to enforce their petty ban. They backed off.

After 24 hours, WordPress, which hosted some 500,000 blog postings every day at that time, wrote to Anthony Watts, the proprietor of his eponymous website, to say that my piece revealing what was actually going on at the conference had received more downloads than all the other 499,999 blog postings on all subjects that day.

And that meant the UN was compelled to abandon two-thirds of the negotiating text that the Communists had so meticulously prepared. All of the wicked schemes that I had exposed, including the proposal for crimes-against-humanity trials in an International Climate Court, were hastily dumped. That one piece, by one journalist, set back the Communist agenda by decades.

What is now urgently needed is a well-funded international pro-Western, pro-democracy, pro-free-market, anti-Communist news media empire. It would be successful, for everyone who does not want wall-to-wall wokery-pokery would subscribe. It would run rings round the UN, just as I did. It would lift the blanket of the dark thrown down upon the world by woke censorship. And it would speak up trenchantly for little children everywhere. “Wimmin’s reproductive health and rights”, forsooth!