The Systematic Scandalising of Children

The Corruption of Children
“But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe to the world because of scandals. For it must needs be that scandals come: but nevertheless woe to that man by whom the scandal cometh. (Matthew 18:6-7)

In my last article, I mentioned that a lesbian abortion activist had hoisted an LGBT rainbow flag at a Catholic secondary school in Ireland. She was invited by the school to do this and the school made the event public by posting the event on the schools official Facebook page. The Catholic school in question, held a week of activities under the Erasmus programme on ‘Social Inclusion and Gender Equality’, at which they also created a ‘human’ rainbow flag whereby the school children were encouraged to wear the six different colours of the LGBT rainbow flag and to line up in formation to represent that flag.

Traditional Marriage

I can guarantee you that this school will not host a similar event in support of traditional marriage. Supporting traditional marriage is now seen as exclusivist and opposed to diversity, because traditional marriage is an exclusive lifelong relationship between one man and one woman.

The school’s principal states in the prospectus for the school that, “In our school we focus on superior academic results, formation in the tradition of our Catholic faith and the building of character within a safe, caring community where your child is accepted, respected and never lost in the crowd”.

Either the principal does not realise that supporting the LGBT agenda through this flag raising ceremony and through encouraging the children to participate in similar activities, is contrary to Catholic teaching, or else her statement about formation in the Catholic faith is false. The chairman of the board of management is a Catholic priest and we have been in contact with him.

The problem with such activities in Catholic schools is that they present disordered and sinful relationships as being on a par with marriage. That they present these falsehoods to children is scandalous. These children are at an early stage of formation and development and they need to be taught the truth. However, as witnessed in the campaign against so called “same-sex marriage”, most Catholics in Ireland are not prepared to point out that homosexual relationships are both disordered and sinful.

Many LGBT activists take exception to the word ‘disordered’ being used in relation to homosexual acts. But the word, like all words, has a meaning. It means contrary to the ‘order’ that can be clearly discerned. When we look at human beings objectively, it will be noted that there are certain physical differences between males and females and that these differences are ‘ordered’ towards procreation. Other bodily organs are also ordered towards a specific purpose. To use bodily organs in a way that is both harmful to health and contrary to their observable purpose, is disordered, because it goes against the natural and scientifically observable order of those bodily organs.

The real reason that LGBT activists take exception to the term ‘disordered’ is because it irrefutably exposes the lie that homosexual acts are in any way natural, and LGBT activists want to carry on promoting this sinful lifestyle. These activists also invent their own words in order to promote the lifestyle. An example of these made up words are the terms ‘heteronormative’ and ‘homonormative’. The first word, ‘heteronormative’, is used as a way of introducing the latter word ‘homonormative’, which latter word is used to imply that homosexuality is a normal and natural form of sexual expression when clearly, it is not.

From a scientific point of view, it can be clearly established that human sexuality is ordered towards procreation and that the only natural form of human sexuality, that is, human sexuality which tends towards its natural end, is heterosexual in nature. From a Catholic point of view, such sexual relations are morally permissible only within the context of the marriage of one man and one woman. All other uses of human sexuality outside of the context of marriage are sinful. The Catholic Church does not discriminate against those with same-sex attraction, they are held to the exact same standards of chastity as those who have natural sexual attractions.

In the Bill to introduce what is called ‘objective sex education’ into Irish schools, it states under section 4:1A:(a), relating to Relationships and Sexuality Education, “the curriculum is factual and objective, age appropriate, and not gender normative,”.

There is a contradiction in this Bill. Factual education in human sexuality must be ‘gender normative’ otherwise it is not factual. The authors of this Bill do not care about giving false information to our children. They are happy to mislead and probably cause harm to young children, because it suits their ideological agenda.

But in Ireland today, there is widespread promotion of the LGBT agenda going on in Catholic schools and to date our bishops have remained silent on this public scandal which will cause serious harm in later life, to many of the children who are being exposed to this false ideological agenda which denigrates traditional marriage in the eyes of children.

True charity and true mercy do not condemn sinners but call on sinners to repent of their sins and to turn away from living sinful lives.

“Turn to the Lord, and forsake thy sins: Make thy prayer before the face of the Lord, and offend less. Return to the Lord, and turn away from thy injustice, and greatly hate abomination.” (Ecclesiasticus 17:21-23)

If the Catholic Church fails to educate Catholics as to the sinful nature of homosexual acts, then those who engage in these acts will be left in their sins. This is neither charitable nor merciful. If the Irish bishops fail to stand up to government bodies who are seeking to ‘force’ a false understanding of human sexuality onto children, then how can Catholic parents take their statements about child protection seriously?

No Girls Have Two Dads – It is a Lie

In some Catholic primary schools, children are now being lied to. They are told that it is possible to have two mammies or two daddies. This is a lie. There are no children and there never have been any children who have two mammies or two daddies. Yes, there are children who are being reared by two adults of the same sex who may be living in a homosexual relationship, but both adults cannot be the child’s parents. All these children have a mother and a father and, apart from being a lie, it is pandering to selfish adult desires to tell primary school children otherwise. It also corrupts the innocence of these children. Those who foist these lies on innocent children do not really care for the health and wellbeing of these children.

There have been recent noises in Irish society about the Irish bishops divesting some of the Catholic schools which are currently under their patronage. But why should the Irish bishops hand over Catholic schools to the state? What the bishops should be doing is ensuring that these schools are authentically Catholic, and they should be correcting the errors that currently pervade Catholic schools. If atheists or others want an atheistic education for their children, then let them build their own schools and let the government fund them on the same basis as they fund other schools. The reason my children are home schooled is because they were not being taught the Catholic faith properly in the Catholic schools they initially attended.

When it comes to schools, when it comes to marriage preparation and when it came to pregnancy counselling, the Irish bishops have failed in their duty to protect the faithful from errors. With the closing of the CURA pregnancy counselling service, young Catholics who end up in a crisis pregnancy situation, have been left at the mercy of the pro abortionists by the Irish bishop’s conference. There are a few under-funded lay Catholic pregnancy counselling groups but nothing official from the Irish hierarchy because they refuse to stand up to a corrupt government and its ideological pay masters.

On its official website, CURA now refers those who need access to pregnancy counselling support to the government’s sexual wellbeing website which only lists pro-killing pregnancy counselling services. The government website also promotes contraception, false education in primary schools, and the homosexual lifestyle. Our bishops are failing to protect vulnerable pregnant women from those who seek to make a profit out of killing their offspring.

As Catholic lay people, we need to realise that, in the current situation in Ireland, we cannot depend either on our government or on our bishops to protect and educate our children. It is essential that faithful Catholics come together and keep raising these issues with our bishops. We are not against our bishops, but we must insist that when it comes to our children, we need our bishops to protect the interests of Catholic parents and their families from an increasingly corrupt government which is prepared to kill innocent children in their mother’s wombs.

We cannot support bishops who choose to remain silent and who refuse to publicly proclaim and defend Catholic teaching in Catholic schools, in Catholic seminaries and in Catholic churches. We urge our bishops to boldly proclaim and defend the Catholic faith and to resist government attempts to encroach on both the rights of the Catholic Church and on the rights of Catholic parents to decide how best to educate our children.

The Lumen Fidei Institute is embarking on a nationwide tour of the country to help faithful Catholics to defend their children and their rights as Catholic citizens to be free from government coercion. If you would like us to host a talk in your area, then please get in touch. It is quite simple to organise these talks. Let us know of your interest and we will book a meeting room in a local hotel. We then ask your help to publicise the meeting to your contacts who are interested in defending the Catholic faith. We will publish the event on our website, through our weekly e-mail newsletter, and through the Catholic Voice.

Strike a blow for Catholic freedom and join the resistance movement.

May God bless you