The New War on our Children

The new war on children in Ireland is mainly a propaganda war, but it will leave as many child victims in its wake as military warfare does. The casualties will be many unless parents stand up to the LGBT bullies who seek to promote their disordered lifestyle by corrupting the minds of young children.

In a way I feel sorry for those who adhere to the LGBT lifestyle. They are being manipulated and used by higher powers in order to bring about a new totalitarian regime in the Western world. Anyone who dares to oppose or expose the falsehood of the LGBT ideology will be suppressed by the state, in one way or another. Once the state has gained control in this area, it is only a matter of time before they use this totalitarian power to suppress other viewpoints.

Bill Whatcott

In Canada, Bill Whatcott was recently fined $55,000 by a Judge at a ‘Human Rights Tribunal’. What was Mr Whatcott’s crime. He called a biological male a ‘male’. The biological male in question, Ronan Oger, dresses in women’s clothes and claims to be a woman, even though he is not. He was standing for election as a woman and Mr Whatcott passed out flyers indicating that Mr Oger, was in fact, Mr Oger. In Canada it is now illegal to call a man a man, if that man says he is a woman. Mr Whatcott is appealing the decision but he can be jailed for not paying the fine.

In England, Susie Green, a mother, took her 15 year old son to Thailand where he was genitally mutilated on his sixteenth birthday. A Catholic journalist, Caroline Farrow, pointed this out on a television debate. She later tweeted “what she (Susie Green) did to her own son is illegal. She mutilated him by having him castrated and rendered sterile while still a child” Mrs Farrow also pointed out that this is, in fact, child abuse.

Caroline Farrow

Who did the English police call in for questioning under caution in this case of child abuse? Caroline Farrow. What was her alleged crime? She ‘misgendered’ Susies Green’s mutilated son. She dared to say that he was Susie Green’s son and not her daughter. The case against Caroline has since been dropped because Susie Green felt she was getting too much publicity. Caroline Farrow is scheduled to speak at our conference in Limerick on Saturday 25th May, 2019.

In Ireland as we recently pointed out, the largest teacher’s union, the INTO, is hosting a competition in May 2019 which promotes the sinful homosexual lifestyle to children as young a four years old, and teaches them that homosexual relationships are on a par with sacramental marriage. This is being promoted in Catholic primary schools.

In other recent news, it was shown that Dun Laoighaire Rathdown (DLR) County Council was also getting in on the LGBT propaganda to children act. Deansgrange Library was promoting a group of transvestites reading to children in the 3 – 7 year age bracket. These men, who dress as women and who present lurid, vulgar and sexually explicit shows in Dublin, were invited by Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown (DLR) Library Service to read to very young children. The advertisement for the event stated that it would provide “glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models” to the 3 to 7 years olds who would attend. The group DLR invited to read for children advertise themselves as follows. “We are a group of leather daddies, gay witches for abortion, and reformed Gardaí who now work in the hen party entertainment industry.” The advertisement for their Dublin show states that it “Contains nudity, adult themes and the use of strobe lighting.”

Those who called out this child abuse for what it is, were labelled as ‘homophobic’ and ‘bigots’ by the ‘drag’ group in question, after the show was cancelled due to complaints about the appropriateness of subjecting very young children to this false propaganda. Dun Laoighaire Rathdown County Council did not apologise for presenting this perverted group of performers to young children, but said that it was cancelled after a review as to age appropriateness. They also said that it might be rescheduled as part of a future Book Festival lineup.

This is what our elected representatives think is suitable for our children. This form of child abuse is fast becoming institutionalised in Ireland. Children are being taught in Irish schools, and this includes Catholic schools with bishops as patrons, that it is not possible to identify their gender at birth. That a ‘temporary’ gender is ‘assigned’ to them at birth and that it is possible that this gender was wrongly ‘assigned’ and that they can change their gender later on. This removes certainty from the minds of very young children and many of them are becoming confused. I would not be surprised to learn that the increasing rate of self harm among ten to fourteen year old children in Ireland is connected to the mental confusion that is sown in the minds of these children from a very young age in the schools they attend.