The Media, the politician and Lumen Fidei

Yesterday, I briefly appeared on RTE Six One News in connection with the Josepha Madigan invite to speak at Mother Catherine McCauley’s first foundation. The Sisters of Mercy have withdrawn the use of the Mercy International Centre from the ‘We Are Church’ organisation and Josepha Madigan will not be speaking at this venue, thanks be to God.

In her letter to ‘We Are Church’, Sister Mary Reynolds claimed that “to ignore the opposition being expressed would put Mercy International at grave reputational risk.” Sadly, the very fact that Mercy International regularly host ‘We Are Church’, a heretical organisation which seeks to undermine clearly defined and infallible Catholic Church teaching, at their Mercy International Centre in Baggot Street, has already gravely damaged the reputation of the Sisters of Mercy. To allow a politician who claims to promote abortion, divorce and women’s ordination in the name of the Catholic Church, to speak in a Catholic Centre, is both an insult to Almighty God and to their founder Mother Catherine McCauley. It is Sister Mary Reynolds who is damaging the reputation of the Mercy Sisters by her co-operation and support of the ‘We Are Church’ organisation.

It is also interesting to see how RTE liked to cover this story. Facts were not as important as a good story. RTE claimed that The Lumen Fidei Institute ‘spearheaded’ the campaign against using this venue. The fact is that the use of the venue had already been withdrawn by the time that we heard about it or gave any coverage to the story, but RTE needed a protestor target for their story and we became that target.

RTE’s coverage of this story is interesting because it reveals their bias. In 2017, three hotels cancelled pro-life events because of threatened protests, but RTE did give these cancellations the same coverage that they gave to the Josepha Madigan story. In fact I cannot find any coverage given by RTE to the pro-life cancellations. Such coverage would not have supported the pro-abortion position favoured by RTE whilst the Josepha Madigan coverage helps to promote RTE’s abortion agenda.

RTE are engaged in a propaganda war against the Catholic Church and both Josepha Madigan and The Lumen Fidei Institute suited their purposes in this propaganda war. Nonetheless, we are happy with the publicity as it makes more people aware that fellow Catholics are engaged in the battle to promote the Catholic faith and are willing to stand up to defend our faith.

You can view the RTE news segment here.

Please don’t forget to pray for Josepha Madigan’s conversion, to pray for Sister Mary Reynolds, that she will honour her founder Mother Catherine McCauley and to pray for those in RTE who are facilitating abortion in their coverage of the issue.