The Interesting Case of Caroline Farrow

Caroline Farrow

A Catholic journalist who appeared on British television with transgender campaigner, Susie Green, was recently contacted by police because she used a male pronoun to refer to Susie Green’s son Jack, who now goes by the name Jackie.

Mrs Green, took her son to Thailand when he was fifteen years old and on his sixteenth birthday, he underwent an operation which mutilated his genitals. In Britain, there is a Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003, but there is no corresponding law to protect boys from genital mutilation. So much for equality. The practice was illegal in Britain at that time.

Mrs Green’s son Jack, mistakenly believes that he is in fact, a girl. There is no evidence to support this claim other than that this is what Jack says he believes. As Jack has never been a girl, he cannot know what it is like to be a girl, therefore these erroneous thoughts are clearly produced in his imagination and it would seem to indicate that Jack has some psychological problems for which he needs professional treatment.

However in this mad world in which we now live, some psychologists recommend giving harmful puberty blockers to pre pubescent children and in certain cases they recommend genital mutilation, in order to support a seriously flawed and dangerous ideology which claims that boys can become girls and that girls can become boys. Mutilating the genitals of young boys or girls and altering their other sex characteristics through the use of hormones and other chemicals does not change what they are.

Those who carry out these procedures should be charged with medical malpractice in the same way that those who mutilate young girls to comply with religious or other cultural norms are charged for a criminal offense.

Mrs Green was not charged for taking her 15 year old son abroad to be mutilated, however a police investigation was launched against Mrs Farrow for speaking the truth. Once again the tyranny of the LGBT ideologists raises its ugly head and the question arises as to whether or not western governments are serious in their claims to be opposed to all forms of child abuse.

I have illustrated this post with an image of a white swan. You may be able to scientifically prove that it is in fact a grey elephant and this may in fact be true, however, it is a swan if I think it is a swan and there is no need to be swanophobic by calling it an elephant.

I don’t mean to make light of this issue, but we now live in a time where reality and actual truths are no longer considered to be relevant. Pity all the poor children who are being forced to accept these false ideologies in schools, including the Catholic schools in Ireland.

We should pray for all involved in this sad situation. Incidents such as this are on the increase as the false LGBT ideology continues to be internalised within western political establishments.