The God-Hater’s Coup

The far Left, now in near-total control of schools, universities, civil service departments, the news media, electronic social media and much else, hate Christianity. Very nearly all the legislative measures taken worldwide in opposition to the moral teachings of the Church, have been taken by the totalitarian Left.

The savagely murderous abortion law that has recently been enacted in Argentina is just the latest example. Unfortunately, even the Holy See is now under the influence of their faction. It was there that I met – of all people – the Secretary-General of the United Nations – another entity long and completely captured by the Left. He was there at the invitation of the Argentinian Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo who heads the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

And there, at the same meeting, were a large gathering of God-haters from all over the world, many of them having campaigned long and vigorously against the Church’s moral teachings.

Therefore, the news that a socialist will soon be vice-president and de facto president of the United States is very bad news for the Church, though many of the hierarchy – and probably a majority in most Western countries – are totalitarians themselves, and are prone to put their faith in the Party Line well ahead of their faith in the Good News of salvation.

The U.S. “Democratic” party is now “Democratic” only in the sense that the Communist regime that tyrannised East Germany used in calling their half of the country the “German Democratic Republic”.

The “Democratic” Party was always the party of the slave-owners. Today, the Party – standing fast by its tradition – has replaced the individual ownership of slaves with the collectivist enslavement of the people by the State.

And it may well have stolen the election, just as Mr Trump and his supporters have alleged. It has been as strange to watch very nearly every centre-right news medium worldwide joining the totalitarian-controlled majority in stating – every time the disputed election result is mentioned – that Mr Trump’s allegations of voter fraud were “baseless” or “unfounded”.

One has only to read the pleadings in the numerous cases that the judiciary have simply refused to hear to appreciate that the allegations of fraud were astonishingly well evidenced. The most that one could say against them is that unless and until the courts have heard and tested them they remain – like all allegations of criminality – unproven.

In a tiny minority of the cases, the judges dismissed the evidence on the ground that they considered it insufficient to be worthy of hearing. In the great majority of cases, however, they simply refused to consider the evidence at all. Where they cited their reasons, those reasons were seldom based on defects in the evidence itself. They were procedural pretexts, such as ‘laches’, the legal word for unwarrantable delay on the part of the plaintiffs.

In one respect, that allegation of failure to act against the long-standing and large-scale system of nationwide electoral fraud operated under the “Democratic” National Committee has some force. When the experienced Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, investigated Mr Obama’s fake “birth certificate”, his lead investigator came across evidence of that system of fraud, of which the bogus certificate was merely one instance, and tried to warn the Republican Party, it paid no heed. Now it is paying the price for its ‘laches’ – to some extent deservedly. The Republicans’ abject failure to do anything about the obviously forged “birth certificate”, and the system of vote-stealing of which it was a part, emboldened the “Democrats” and encouraged them to extend the voter fraud.

As a result, the scale and international scope of the fraud, involving cyber-participation by several nations profoundly inimical to America and, therefore, anxious to ensure that the “Democratic” Party should steal the election, are so large that the danger to all our democracies is that the coup by the “Democrats” in the United States will become a worldwide totalitarian coup, setting democracy itself at naught.

The storming of the Capitol, apparently by a mob of Trump supporters, led to at least five deaths and much destruction not only of property but of America’s worldwide reputation. But notice how asymmetric the coverage has been. When the Communist front organisation Black Lives Matter, led by self-confessed “trained Marxists”, organised months of rioting, destruction of property and murder in many U.S. cities, the media could barely bring themselves to report that the rioting was taking place. The unspeakable BBC often reported the riots as “peaceful demonstrations”.

But when Republicans appeared to riot, catching the Capitol police by surprise, for riots are nearly always perpetrated by totalitarians in the U.S. as elsewhere, all the media rushed to condemn them. That condemnation was appropriate. To the extent that the rioters were Republicans, they have served the cause of freedom ill.

But that condemnation, a fortiori, should also have been directed at the Marxists of Black Lives Matter. But it was nearly always absent. There were good reasons why Mr Trump called the news media “fake”.

However, a growing body of disturbing evidence shows that the storming of the Capitol may not have been all that it seems. A Black Lives Matter Marxist agitator was among those who broke in. And photographs of the protesters show that one of them had the hammer and sickle of Communism tattooed on his hand.

It only takes a tiny, organised minority to whip up a crowd and lead to violence. Trained Marxists know this well, for it is a key part of their training. And the crowd were justified in their concern that the election had been stolen from them. However, they were not justified in taking part in the rioting. In allowing themselves to be led into violence, they played into the hands of the Marxists. Whatever small chance there might have been of the Senate ordering reruns in some of the disputed states vanished as soon as the Capitol was stormed.
Several correspondents from the United States have written to me in despair, asking what they can do to save the Republic. One, an eminent climate scientist, wrote to ask me what he should do given that the “Democrats” have openly threatened to imprison anyone who dares to question the Party Line on global warming.

Well, there is one weapon that we shall always have in our locker, and that is love. Totalitarianism in all its poisonous forms – Communism, Fascism, Socialism, call it what you will – is at root and first and foremost the politics of hate. Democracy – true democracy, not the stolen version of it in today’s America – is the politics of love. For what better demonstration is there of love for one’s neighbour than to trust him to share the government of your nation with you by coming with you to the polling station and casting his vote?

Yes, these are dark times for America and for the world. We may – indeed, we must – deplore what the totalitarians do, from stealing elections by open, outright fraud to torturing and killing babies in their mother’s womb. But we must love them all the same.

Love is the unstoppable force that will, in the end, defeat the politics of hate. The totalitarians may now appear to be in the ascendant, but the Biden-Harris regime will prove so appalling that, paradoxically, this corrupt election may yet prove to be the turning-point in the long war between totalitarianism and democracy, between evil and good, between hate and love.