The Final Battle – Catholic Marriage

At our recent northern Roadshow meetings, I made a presentation on the Relationships and Sexuality Education model favoured for introduction into Irish schools. This model is being promoted by the World Health Organisation who are working in collaboration with the United Nations and the International Planned Parenthood Federation. Catholics should take note of the fact that these organisations all aggressively promote abortion as a human right. They aggressively promote the immoral LGBT agenda, and they seek ways to impose this agenda on your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces. If any of our readers have great grandchildren, congratulations, but these people also wish to impose their ideology on these children too. They want all children indoctrinated with the false LGBT ideology and a false understanding of human sexuality. They want to do this regardless of what the children’s parents want.

To fully understand what is going on, we need to realise that this battle happens on both the natural and the supernatural planes, and we should once again read the words of Sr Lucia to Cardinal Cafarra (R.I.P.) when he was founding the Pontifical Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family.

“The final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family. Don’t be afraid, she added, because anyone who works for the sanctity of marriage and the family will always be fought and opposed in every way, because this is the decisive issue. And then she concluded: however, Our Lady has already crushed its head.”

Catholics Must Speak Out:
On 19th May 2017, Cardinal Cafarra gave a talk at the Rome Life Forum titled “We are no longer witnesses, but deserters, if we do not speak openly and publicly”. The title for the conference was “The Family Under Attack: Protecting Parents as Primary Educators.” I want to look at Cardinal Cafarra’s talk in order to help parents to realise that they are God’s chosen instruments whose duty it is to protect and defend the children God may gift to them from all those who seek access to their children with a view to corrupting those children. It is an onerous responsibility and in the current climate it is growing more and more difficult for Catholic parents to protect their children. Nonetheless, protect them we must, and we must never forget that we have access to sacramental graces which enable us to carry out this God given duty which we must not shirk nor leave to others.

In his talk, Cardinal Cafarra paints the broad scene. “The human story is a confrontation between two forces: the force of attraction, whose source is in the wounded Heart of the Crucified-Risen One, and the power of Satan, who does not want to be ousted from his kingdom. The area in which the confrontation takes place is the human heart, it is human liberty. And the confrontation has two dimensions: an interior dimension and an exterior dimension.”

Enemy Infiltration:
The war we are involved in is not new, it began in the Garden of Eden and the enemy of our children is the self-same serpent who lied to our first parents. We are at a very advanced stage of the war and our enemy seems to have taken over most of the strategic high ground. He has infiltrated our seminaries, he has infiltrated our parishes, he has infiltrated our schools, he has infiltrated our political parties, he has infiltrated our trade unions, he has infiltrated our businesses, he has infiltrated our local authorities, he has infiltrated the medical profession, he has infiltrated our hospitals, he has infiltrated our universities, he has infiltrated many offices in the Vatican.

He has infiltrated many families, but it is the mission of faithful traditional Catholic families to resist his influence in order to protect future generations of children and to advance the restoration of Catholic civilisation in Ireland which will see Christ once again crowned as King over our Nation.

Why do you think the traditional Catholic family is under such huge attack?
The reason is, and big government knows this, that traditional Catholic families protect their members from dangerous outside influences, and they resist immoral and unjust laws. They train their children to do the same and they form groups and organisations of like-minded families. Thus, traditional Catholic families, in the liberal and totalitarian mindset, represent a threat because they refuse to go along with the liberal ideology, and they cannot be controlled and manipulated by government. They must therefore be suppressed and attacked in order to weaken their influence on society and to break them up where possible.

These attacks happen across many fronts. The move to get mothers out of their homes and into the workplace is an attack on the traditional Catholic family designed to weaken its structure and to lessen the influence Catholic mothers have over the formation of their children by giving a greater influence and role in this area to state funded schools promoting a state sponsored ideology.

Incidentally, it is very interesting that the referendum to remove Article 41.2 of the constitution which protects mothers in the home from being forced out to work through economic necessity, has been stalled. The referendum was originally set to be held last October and then it was mooted that it would be held in May this year alongside the referendum on divorce. But it has not happened. Don’t think that our enemies have gone away or have forgotten about their attack on mothers, they are planning how best to ensure their victory over Irish stay-at-home mothers.

State Control of Catholic Organisations:
The move by the state to control Catholic Church organisations is a direct attack on the traditional Catholic Family. They do this by controlling the finances. ACCORD will now counsel those in same-sex sexual relationships on account of a threat from the state to withdraw funding if ACCORD refuses to comply with state policy on “same-sex marriage”. Our bishops have caved to the wishes of the state rather than push back and protect traditional Catholic families by protecting Catholic teaching on marriage and family life.

The case of the Irish bishops’ pregnancy counselling service CURA, is similar. It closed because it became dependent on state funding thus abandoning women with unintended pregnancies to the pro-abortion agencies of the state. Their website now directs women to the HSE where they are told that it is OK to flush the unborn child they have killed down the toilet. The bishops do not officially support or direct women to the independently run Catholic pregnancy counselling services which operate in Ireland.

Irish Government Attacks on the Catholic Family:
The Irish government’s promotion of sodomy, contraception, divorce, abortion, euthanasia, organ-donation, and same-sex adoption are other examples of attacks on the traditional Catholic family. A very disturbing example of these attacks is the recent pictures of Garda cars emblazoned with LGBT rainbows. The police force in any country is supposed to be neutral. The Irish government has now indicated that our police force has been co-opted into promoting the false LGBT ideology. Another sign that we now live in a totalitarian society where the police force is used to suppress viewpoints which oppose the State view.

Cardinal Caffara tells us that Christ’s Truth can only take effect “on those who are profoundly available to the Truth, who love truth, who live in familiarity with it.” He says of the devil on the other hand “He who holds the entire world under his sway, instead dominates through lies. Jesus says of Satan: “He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies. [John 8, 44].”

Everyone has a Mother and a Father:
A recent example of these lies came about when I was unexpectedly asked to speak on Highland Radio in Donegal about the RSE programme. A woman caller began to speak about an eight-year-old child she knew who had two mothers. I interrupted to tell her that the child could not possibly have two mothers but had to have a mother and a father. She told me that I need to live in the real world. I said that in the real world every human being has a mother and a father. She countered by saying that perhaps this same-sex couple had used a sperm donor, so I asked her where they got the sperm from. Was it from a man? She obviously said yes, and I told her that that man is the child’s father.

Teachers are Lying to Children in Primary Schools:
I then made the point that teachers are lying to young children in primary school by telling them that some children have either two mothers or two fathers. This is an impossibility. Very young children are being lied to and sacrificed on the altar of a false and ultimately demonic ideology.

Parents, if you live in Ireland and your children attend an Irish school, this is what is being proposed to your children, often in very subtle ways and without informing you or asking for your consent. The largest teachers’ union in Ireland, the INTO, ran a competition last month in Irish schools promoting the LGBT agenda and attacking the traditional Catholic family. You can find a list of the books they recommended on our Lumen Fidei website in an article titled “Primary Teacher’s Group, Corrupting Irish Children!”. These books, which promote the LGBT agenda, are being introduced into Irish primary schools and some teachers are reading these books to the children under their care. These books, in delightful ways which appeal to children, tell children that some children have two mothers (there is even one book which talks of children with three mothers) or two fathers and that this is normal and that nobody should object to or have a problem with this.

Because these very young children have no understanding of human sexuality and of how children are conceived, they do not realise that they are being lied to. Their trust is being betrayed and they are being psychologically manipulated in order to get them to accept the lie from a very young age. In later years, as their understanding of human sexuality develops, they will naturally come to accept sinful same-sex sexual activity as being normal. The whole concept of the traditional Catholic family and of sacramental marriage is being destroyed in the minds of these children, some of whom may be as young as four years old.

These children are also being taught that when they were born, their parents ‘assigned’ a gender to them.
(take a look at this wikipedia article if you want to see how far this madness is going). This may be the correct gender, or their parents may have got it wrong. The children will be able to decide which gender they are later in life. This false ideology will cause huge harm to children as it unmoors them psychologically from the biological reality of who they really are and of who they were created to be. It will cause deep and unnecessary uncertainty in the minds of these children the damaging effects of which will probably not come to light for many years. The suicide rate will tend to increase in the young as this perverted thinking comes to be more and more accepted and as those who oppose it are vilified and treated as pariahs in public.

Cardinal Caffara talks about two cultural developments which spearhead the attack on the traditional Catholic family, and which will be all too familiar to those of us living in Ireland.

In the Brave New World – a Crime becomes a Right:
“The first development is the transformation of a crime, abortion, into a right. Note well. I am not speaking of abortion as an act perpetrated by one person. I am speaking of the broader legitimization which can be perpetrated by a judicial system in a single act: to subsume it into the category of the subjective right, which is an ethical category. This signifies calling what is good, evil, what is light, shadow. “When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies”. This is an attempt to produce an “anti-Revelation”

The Ennoblement of Homosexuality:
“The second development is the ennoblement of homosexuality. This in fact denies entirely the truth of marriage, the mind of God the Creator with regard to marriage. The Divine Revelation has told us how God thinks of marriage: the lawful union of a man and woman, the source of life. In the mind of God, marriage has a permanent structure, based on the duality of the human mode of being: femininity and masculinity. Not two opposite poles, but the one with and for the other. Only thus does man escape his original solitude.”

“In summary. There are two pillars of creation: the human person in its irreducibility to the material universe, and the conjugal union between a man and woman, the place in which God creates new human persons “in His image and likeness”. The axiological elevation of abortion to a subjective right is the demolition of the first pillar. The ennoblement of a homosexual relationship, when equated to marriage, is the destruction of the second pillar. At the root of this is the work of Satan, who wants to build an actual anti-creation.”

Very sobering reflections from Cardinal Caffara and he gives the solution to these problems very simply.

“The reply is simple: within the confrontation between creation and anti-creation, we are called upon to TESTIFY. This testimony is our mode of being in the world.”

For lay Catholics who are married, this testimony of ours is proclaimed by how we protect and rear our children within our own Catholic homes. We need to get back to basics and to defend our families from the State which has gone rotten. Our first duty is to build, to maintain and to protect the spiritual walls of our own homes to withstand the ever-ancient enemy who prowls about seeking to devour even our very young children. We must then look to gathering in groups in order to once again build a Catholic society which is founded on Catholic families. It is not rocket science, but it is very hard work especially as the enemy has already breached the walls of the City. We will need to be prepared to make sacrifices, such as learning to survive on one income, or taking on the challenge of home schooling. Traditional Catholic families will need help from other traditional minded Catholics who are able to help them. Most of all we must live in Hope and encourage one another to nurture that Hope regardless of how dark it tends to grow.  May God bless you