The Culture of Death!

In his encyclical, ‘Evangelium Vitae’, Pope St John Paul II famously coined the phrase ‘culture of death’. It is important to re-read these things every now and then to keep them fresh in our minds.

“In fact, while the climate of widespread moral uncertainty can in some way be explained by the multiplicity and gravity of today’s social problems, and these can sometimes mitigate the subjective responsibility of individuals, it is no less true that we are confronted by an even larger reality, which can be described as a veritable structure of sin.

This reality is characterized by the emergence of a culture which denies solidarity and in many cases takes the form of a veritable “culture of death”. This culture is actively fostered by powerful cultural, economic and political currents which encourage an idea of society excessively concerned with efficiency.

Looking at the situation from this point of view, it is possible to speak in a certain sense of a war of the powerful against the weak: a life which would require greater acceptance, love and care is considered useless, or held to be an intolerable burden, and is therefore rejected in one way or another. A person who, because of illness, handicap or, more simply, just by existing, compromises the well-being or life-style of those who are more favoured tends to be looked upon as an enemy to be resisted or eliminated.

In this way a kind of “conspiracy against life” is unleashed. This conspiracy involves not only individuals in their personal, family or group relationships, but goes far beyond, to the point of damaging and distorting, at the international level, relations between peoples and States. (Evangelium Vitae 12)

I want in this article to look at three current examples of this ‘culture of death’, this ‘war of the powerful against the weak’. The first example concerns Irish Pharmacies which are now fully engaged in this war against the weak, even though a recently formed group calls themselves ‘LIFE Pharmacies’.

I recently had occasion to speak with a young pharmacist. After receiving my prescription from him I told him that I was very disappointed to see the advertisement for ‘emergency contraception’ on public display outside of the pharmacy. Our conversation went something like this.

I explained to him that these pills were designed to kill a newly existent innocent human being, and that he was taking part in this killing. I told him that one day he will die, and that he will go before Jesus Christ who will hold him accountable for every little life killed as a result of his actions in dispensing these pills. I said that whilst he may have a comfortable life on earth now, that the matter is a very serious one.

He replied by telling me that people have a choice and that he must respect those choices. He is just filling a demand for a service and will continue to do so.

I asked him what if that choice meant prescribing a pill to kill a handicapped child. He tried to say that this was a completely different issue. I said, not really. Both involve the taking of an innocent human life.

He then claimed that this is just my ‘faith’, (as if faith were just a matter of opinion) and that not everyone believes as I do. I countered, that it is a biological fact that a new human being comes into existence at the moment of fertilisation. This new human being has its own unique DNA not shared by anyone on the planet and that his actions would lead to the death of this human being.

During the conversation he said that in at least 90% of these cases there is nothing there. I asked him if he was satisfied with a 10% kill rate. I also told him that he knows that there may be someone there, otherwise there would be no need to dispense the pill. I drew upon the Nazi analogy. Once again, he said that it was completely different. I explained that it was just another way of killing an innocent human being.

At the end of the conversation I told him that I was going to publish our conversation and mention his name, seeing as he has no problem being involved in this killing of innocent human beings. He told me that I could not publish his name as this was not allowed.

I thought about it, I spoke with my wife and children about it, and in the end, I have decided not to reveal his name although I will send a copy of this article to him. One of my young sons said that he did not think such an action would help to convert the pharmacist. That is the real challenge.

You see, in a certain sense, this young pharmacist is not fully to blame. He has been educated in a school system that has been teaching moral relativism for decades. Choice is what matters; my truths may not be your truths and there are no absolute truths. These young people have been seriously deprived in that they have not been taught how to think critically. They base their thoughts on feelings, emotions, media propaganda, and the moral relativism which is now being taught even in Catholic schools. They do not understand moral truths because those who should have done so, have not taught them properly. They have been deprived of knowledge of the two top sciences, Theology and Philosophy. They just go along with the crowd in the belief that they are being progressive and enlightened, even to the point of taking part in the killing of their fellow human beings. The culture of death!

My second example of the current culture of death, concerns a recent advertisement for a consultant in anaesthesia and a consultant in obstetrics/gynaecology at Ireland’s National Maternity Hospital. In the job description for these positions, it mentions that the new recruits will have certain duties, “which as of 2019 includes elective termination of pregnancy services and the post-holders will be expected to contribute to this new service as part of their practice plan.”

What this means is that The National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street, is now prepared to kill certain innocent human beings in their mother’s wombs in line with the corrupt legislation that has been enacted by Simon Harris. Applicants for these jobs in Holles Street Hospital must be prepared to co-operate and take part in this killing of certain innocent human beings. Therefore, Catholics, and anyone else who does not agree with the killing of innocent human beings in their mother’s wombs, need not apply, as only those who are prepared to kill certain designated innocent human beings, will be considered for these positions. The National Maternity Hospital is now employing killers to practice medicine. The culture of death!

My third example is, in one way, the saddest of all. It exposes the wiles of satan. In Ireland, as elsewhere in the world, the Catholic Church is going through a crisis. A big part of that crisis has come about on account of the revelations that some priests, mainly homosexually active priests (circa 80% of cases), sexually abused children. The hierarchy has gone to great lengths and has been at great pains to show itself to be really concerned about protecting children. They also do not want to cause any offence to anyone or to get any bad press from the secular media.

Enter the devil. Children are now being psychologically sexually abused in Catholic schools by the promotion of the highly dangerous same-sex lifestyle to these children, under the guise of preventing LGBT bullying. Our bishops remain silent in the face of this threat to our children because they do not want to be called ‘homophobic’. Some bishops allow LGBT meetings for children to take place on diocesan premises. Recently, a voluntary ‘catholic’ school in one diocese, hosted a lesbian activist, who promoted the killing of innocent human beings in last year’s referendum, to come to the school to raise the LGBTI flag at the school. This is a so-called ‘catholic’ school.

Put simply, this is child abuse.

I make no apologies for saying that and more and more parents need to start saying this publicly. I have recently begun reading a book titled ‘The Health Hazards of Homosexuality’, which details what the medical and psychological research reveals about the health hazards of living an active homosexual life.

Under the heading ‘The Culture of Death’, the book states.

“Sodomy and other same-sex practices belong to the culture of death: they cannot result in the creation of new life. They contradict nature. They invite or hasten death by the resulting physical and mental disease.”

The book then quotes a Doctor D Paul Sullins.

“Contraception, abortion, and sodomy are similar and related practices inimical to life, in that they all contravene the natural operations of the body… Contraception-abortion, if practiced consistently, results in a family with no children; homosexual relations, if practiced universally, results in a society with no children. Relieved of the propagation of children, sexual expression has no necessary link to human sex differences. An appetite for the same sex, then, is the mirror image of a propensity to dispose of children.”

This is the lifestyle that is being presented to children in Catholic schools as being normal. Children are encouraged to wear rainbow colours and schools are beginning to fly rainbow flags. The message being given to young children is that the homosexual lifestyle is just another kind of normal and harmless lifestyle to which some people are born into. The children are being indoctrinated with the lie that some people are born ‘gay’. They cannot help it, and therefore we should not discriminate against them. Anyone who says anything against the homosexual lifestyle is branded as homophobic by the media. The medical profession is involved in the cover up of the dangers.

The HSE’s Annual Epidemiological Report on HIV published in November 2018 notes that three quarters of all HIV diagnoses were in men and that the highest proportion of diagnoses (53%) was among men who have sex with men. It is interesting to note that the HSE does not encourage these men to give up the lifestyle from which they became infected.

HIV is just one aspect of the health hazards that accrue from the homosexual lifestyle and yet, this lifestyle, is being presented as normal to children in Catholic schools in Ireland, via rainbow flag waving and other campaigns. To date, not one Irish bishop has spoken out publicly against this abuse of children and the Irish bishop’s ‘Amoris’ programme contained propaganda for the homosexual lifestyle.

Now there are those who say that we should not publicly criticise our bishops. But if our bishops refuse to protect children from the degrading and dangerous homosexual lifestyle that is currently being promoted in Irish Catholic schools, then our silence becomes complicity in the abuse of children. God knows that our school children deserve so much better than this. It is time for the laity, especially parents and grand-parents, to raise our voices in a thunderous cry to our bishops and to our government, STOP ALL CHILD ABUSE.

We must do all that we can to protect our own children from this latest homosexual menace that threatens their health and safety, and that involves speaking out, regardless of what names they may call us.

May God bless you in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and in the Sorrowful Heart of His Mother Mary.