Reign of Terror

In a stiff Mao-style boiler-suit in a nauseous shade of near-turquoise, the ruthless dictator of more than a sixth of the global population celebrated the dismal centenary of the Chinese Communist Party, the most murderous political movement in the history of our race, by snarling that anyone who tried to tell China what to do would be dealt with by force.

At a tediously typical copycat totalitarian military parade the usual procession of tanks and guns accompanied by goose-stepping soldiers and fanatically-chanting, robotically-saluting youths with glazed expressions of dutiful adoration trundled past the pomposities’ podium.

In a tediously typical hour-long broadcast to mark the event, the unspeakable BBC spent about 90 seconds glancingly and apologetically mentioning the starvation of the Great Leap Backward, the suffering Uyghurs of Sinkiang and the oppression of the once-free Hong Kong, before launching into a gushing encomium praising the historic achievements of Mao Tse-Tung, Deng Xiao-Ping and Xi Jinping. How the BBC loves a brutal tyrant.

Here is what they should have said but deliberately chose not to say.

No one knows for sure how many tens of millions the Chinese Communist Party has killed, either directly by force or indirectly by starvation. However, it is reliably estimated in the Black Book of Communism that, in addition to the tens of millions slaughtered by Mao’s mob in the Long March to Tyranny some 45 million died of starvation in the insane collectivisation of agriculture in 1949-1951. Half the population died of hunger in some villages.
Then there was – and still is – the unlawful invasion in 1950 and continuing occupation by brute force and vicious enslavement of the fragrant mountain theocracy of Tibet, forcing the Dalai Lama to flee to India. His young successor was kidnapped and disappeared by the regime and never seen again.

The Han Chinese, the most racialistic nation on Earth, moved in and mass-settled Tibet, where Mandarin is required and the Tibetan languages suppressed, religious believers are persecuted, opponents of the regime are disappeared, incarcerated without trial, tortured and murdered and the enslaved population compelled to work in the lithium mines that make owners of electric cars proud of their contribution to Saving The Planet, while Western government say and do absolutely nothing.

The Chinese are so anxious to conceal the scale of their unlawful occupation of Tibet that they have redrawn the map of Tibet so that what now appears on maps as the “Tibet Autonomous Region” is little more than a third of the Tibet that existed before the invasion. As Communism tightens its grip on the Internet, it is becoming harder and harder to find maps of Tibet as it once was. They are being disappeared at an inexorable rate.

Until 1988, the Chinese Government in Exile at Dharmasala kept a tally of those of their countrymen whom the Chinese regime had killed. Some 173,221 died while being tortured; 156,758 were executed; 432,705 were killed trying to defend their country; 342,907 were starved to death; 9002 committed suicide; and 97,731 “struggled” to death (they would have lived but for the brutal inefficiency of their Chinese oppressors).

Then there was – and still is – the Chinese gulag. In Mao’s time, there were 1000 forced-labour concentration camps throughout Mao’s China, where another 20 million died. Another million were killed by the fanatical Red Guards – teenage revolutionary thugs who swept through China raping, pillaging, killing and even eating their victims. In the end, they were put down by the Red Army when they began attacking Party members.
Then there was Tiananmen Square, where 1000 student protestors were killed. Then there are the Muslim Uyghurs of Sinkiang, of whom it is estimated that 1 million have been killed.

Then there is the Chinese Communist coronavirus, whose fatal transmissibility was only revealed at the end of December 2019 in a report not from China but from currently-free Taiwan, which reported it to China’s stooges at the World Death Organisation and received in response the single, curt word “Noted.” The Chinese Communist Party had known of the virus almost three months previously, and had failed to notify the WDO within 24 hours as required by the International Health Regulations, to which China is a signatory.

The tally of deaths is enormous. According to Rummel (2005), the Chinese Communist Party was directly responsible for the deaths of 73,237,000 people up to that year. Assuming a pro-rata continuing death count since then, another 1.3 million per year have been killed in the 17 years since then, adding another 20 million. Add the 10 million in the Chinese-virus pandemic and the total death toll attributable to the Chinese Communist Party exceeds 100 million.

What should we Catholics do? First and foremost, we must pray for the suffering peoples who live or have lived under Communism. Secondly, we must not remain as dangerously equivocal (or as customarily silent) as the current Vatican is when faced with the clear and present danger to humanity that Communism – and particularly Chinese Communism – represents.

Above all, we should bring the Chinese Communist Party before the International Criminal Court and put them on trial for the crimes against humanity they perpetrated when silencing and disappearing those who first tried to sound warnings about the virus that escaped from the Wuhan laboratory, and when failing to comply with their international treaty obligation to report the virus to the world within 24 hours; and, worst of all, when deliberately stating that it was safe to travel to and from China when they knew full well that it was not.

The sanction that the Court can apply is a simple one, and one that Xi Jinping, for all his bluster, can do absolutely nothing to prevent. The Court should issue a judgment releasing all nations that have borrowed money from China from any obligation to repay either the interest or the principal, and empowering all nations to nationalise without compensation all Chinese assets and holdings in money or in money’s worth within their borders, and to repudiate all treaties with China at will.

Finally, all nations should ensure that their largely Communist-dominated schools and universities are purged of all the numerous apologists for Communism, and that in future the true nature and dreadful consequences of Communism are properly and thoroughly taught.

The Church should now repudiate the agreement, forced upon it by the Chinese Communist Party, allowing the Party to decide who its bishops shall be. It should speak out against the suppression of religion in China, the removal of religious symbols from churches, the oppression of the Falun Gong, the harvesting of organs from live prisoners to keep the Party’s gerontocracy alive, and the numerous other monstrous abuses perpetrated by this most bestial of regimes upon its citizens.

Despite the limpness and culpable silence of the present Vatican, the Church stands firmly alongside the suffering peoples who have endured, or who still endure, the embodiment of universal hatred that was and is Communism, and we long for the day when they, like us, shall be free to make and unmake their governments by that expression of the trust and love of each for all his neighbour that is democracy.