Recruiting Killers for Irish Hospitals!

In an unsurprising development, the National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street in Dublin, recently published a job advertisement where they specifically wish to recruit killers for their hospital. The ad is for a consultant in anaesthesia and for a consultant in obstetrics/gynaecology.

In the job description it mentions that the new recruits will have certain duties, “which as of 2019 includes elective termination of pregnancy services and the post-holders will be expected to contribute to this new service as part of their practice plan.”

Please allow me to translate this for you. The National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street is now prepared to kill certain innocent human beings in their mother’s wombs in line with the corrupt legislation that has been enacted by Simon Harris. Applicants for the above jobs in Holles Street Hospital must be prepared to co-operate and take part in this killing of certain innocent human beings. Therefore Catholics and anyone else who does not agree with the killing of innocent human beings in their mother’s wombs need not apply, as only those who are prepared to kill certain designated innocent human beings, will be considered for these positions.

Welcome to the Brave New World of post-abortion legislation Ireland. Eventually only killers will be allowed to work in Ireland’s maternity hospitals.

We must never give up the fight for the lives of these innocent human beings, no matter how long it takes to bring the Irish people back to their senses.