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Reflections on the Abortion Issue in Ireland


James M Bourke has been involved in the pro-life movement in Ireland for many years. Like all those who cherish human life, he was very disappointed when the referendum to repeal the 8th amendment to the Irish constitution was passed. This removed all legal protection from unborn children.


In this book James shares his reflections on how the referendum was won and on how we must restore legal protection to the unborn regardless of the cost.


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Reflections on the Abortion Issue in Ireland:
“There is in every man and woman a belief below the level of consciousness that some things are inherently right or wrong. It is a natural moral sense that transcends borders and cultures. One such universal belief is that human life is precious and consequently human killing can never be countenanced. The deliberate killing of a human being is considered the ultimate crime. The most fundamental of all human rights is the right to life. No person, no law, and no government can extinguish that right. Remove that right and all other human rights become meaningless.

However, many countries, including Ireland, have removed that right from the Constitution and given the legislature the power to legalise abortion, which by definition is the intentional killing of the unborn child. The assumption is that unborn babies have no human rights. The essays in this monograph expose the fallacy that unborn babies do not have the right to life and may be ‘terminated’ if that is the ‘choice’ of the mother. In the New Ireland, human killing is now legal. It is estimated that 800 – 900 unwanted unborn babies are ‘terminated’ every month. Abortion has become the murder machine of our time.”

J.M Bourke (2019)


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