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Purgatory – How to Avoid it


The Classic Catholic Teaching Series

Catholic Church Teaching on Purgatory

This book seeks to create a greater awareness of Purgatory, how we can avoid it, and how we can help those already in Purgatory to gain the beatific vision as quickly as possible by the practice of gaining indulgences for them.


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This is the second book in our ‘Classic Catholic Teaching’ series and is a natural follow on from the first book on Hell.
One rarely hears sermons preached on the four last things; death, judgement, Heaven & Hell, and this has led to a decline in
belief concerning these matters. Many believe that after death we all go to Heaven because God, in His mercy, would not send
anyone to Hell.

This false belief leads not only to a disbelief in Hell, but to a disbelief in the Catholic doctrine of Purgatory. The Catholic
Church teaches that anyone who dies in a state of mortal sin will go to Hell for all eternity. The souls of most of those who die in
a state of grace, will spend some time in Purgatory to be purified before they can enter the all holy realm of Heaven.

Those of us here on earth can help to shorten the time that Holy Souls must spend in Purgatory, but because these teachings are not being preached, these souls are oftentimes deprived of the helps we can offer to them. This book addresses this issue.

The Lumen Fidei Institute seeks to help Catholics to live out their great calling by making Catholic teaching more readily available to the general public. Before you can defend your faith, you must know your faith. Before you can live according
to the Catholic faith, you must know that faith. Similarly, before you can lead and help others in matters of the Catholic faith, you
must know that faith.

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