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Prevention of Homosexuality in the Family


“Today, Catholics must be careful not to be deluded by the lies about homosexuality that are ever more openly proclaimed by gay and pro-gay priests and prelates.”


This booklet seeks to help parents to avoid certain pitfalls that may incline children towards homosexual behaviour.


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Dr Gerard Van den Aardweg

Dr Van den Aardweg, with this booklet seeks to help parents to rear normal healthy and mentally well adjusted children.

“In spite of what you are used to hearing and reading everywhere, homosexuality may be prevented, and particularly prevented within th efamily. You are used to hearing and reading, in as many words or through indirect suggestions, that one is somehow born a homosexual, a lesbian, a bi-sexual, or as a member of this recently discovered new sex, the “transgender”. It is aggressively hammered home that all these sexualities and “genders” are as natural as normal man-woman love and have exactly…”

“But the gay ideology is made up of deceptions and falsehoods. No one is born gay, lesbian or something in between. To state it succintly, for our focus here is prevention: All factual evidence or research makes it clear that homosexuals and lesbians are physically not different from other people, there are no homosexual hormones, genes, or brains. Homosexuality is a psychological disorder originating in late childhood and adolescence.”


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