Morally Mandatory Vaccines?

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Are Catholics Obliged To Take Covid-19 Vaccines Regardless Of Their Origins?

In what has now become a trademark for my articles can I please ask you yet again to pray for our Irish bishops. The laity have begun the year without access to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and our bishops seem to suggest that the answer to this particular problem is for us to take an abortion tainted vaccine against Covid-19. So let us pray.

Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum. Benedicta tu in mulieribus, et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Iesus. Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen.

In this article I want to take a look once again at the issue of Vaccines and in particular I want to address some of the points made in an article by Bishop Kevin Doran which was published in ‘The Irish Catholic’ on January 14th 2021. The front page headline of that issue of The Irish Catholic read: “Vulnerable may die if people refuse vaccine – Bishop Doran” and the paper contained a four page, 2,940 word article titled “Vaccines – an aid to forming conscience” in which Bishop Doran urges us to take the Vaccine.

I believe that Bishop Doran’s article is well intentioned but I would disagree with some of the points he makes. In his article, Bishop Doran tells us that we must take in to account “the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic.” He does not provide any proof to back up this claim but simply says that it is a reality that we must accept.

The organisation that declared Covid-19 a global pandemic is the World Health Organisation. One of the major funders of the World Health Organisation is Mr Bill Gates. He funds the WHO through at least three channels, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates Ventures LLC, and through the GAVI alliance which was set up using Bill Gates money in 1999.

The problem with this is that Bill Gates is also heavily involved in funding pharmaceutical companies such as Moderna, who stand to make significant financial gains from the sale and production of vaccines. Therefore, there is a conflict of interest within the World Health Organisation because some of the major funders of the organisation also fund those who are poised to make significant financial gain  from WHO decisions concerning Covid-19.

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation has also invested significant sums of money, $358 million since 2017, in both of the main organisations which produced the models that predicted huge amounts of deaths from Covid-19. These predictions have subsequently been found to be grossly exaggerated and  unreliable. They are from the ‘Imperial College London’ and the American, ‘Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation’. Once again there is a conflict of interest on account of Bill Gates’ promotion of the vaccine industry.

In Ireland, the death rate attributed to Covid-19 is questionable on account of the fact that we are using WHO criteria which allows deaths to be assigned to Covid-19 based on suspicion or probability. I recently received a freedom of information request from the HPSC which confirmed that at least two people who were listed as being in the Intensive Care Unit with Covid-19 between October & December 2020, had no symptoms of Covid-19. Let me ask you a question.

If someone tests positive for Covid-19 using a PCR test but has no symptoms of Covid-19, why would you put them in the Intensive Care Unit?

It is obvious that the reason they were in the intensive care unit had nothing whatsoever to do with Covid-19, but their positive tests were used to falsely increase the ICU Covid figures produced by our government.

In Ireland, we do not currently know how many people who are listed as being in the ICU ‘with’ Covid-19 are there ‘because’ of Covid-19. We also do not know how many people who were listed as dying ‘with’ Covid-19 actually died ‘from’ Covid-19 in that Covid-19 was the main cause of their death. What we do know is that someone who tests positive for Covid-19 and who dies of a heart attack will be listed as a Covid-19 death. As I have pointed out before, this is false reporting.

Yet it is on this spurious information that our country has been locked down with little or no analysis done on the side effects directly caused by lock-downs.

In October 2020 the ‘British Heart Foundation’ noted that there had been 26,000 extra deaths in private homes from March to September 2020, compared to the last five years. The leading cause of these extra deaths, estimated as almost 5,000 deaths, was heart disease and not Covid-19.

In January of this year the British Heart Foundation noted that there were 12,000 fewer heart operations performed in England to November 2020. These extra deaths and delays in operations were not caused by Covid-19, they were caused by the government’s response to Covid-19.

Back in May 2020, Professor Dolores Cahill predicted a spike in deaths due to government restrictions on ordinary health care. She said “for conditions like brain tumours, or ovarian cancer or melanoma, there will be a spike in death rates because of this misdiagnosis, and I am fearful that then they will attribute these stats to the second spike” She was referring to a report which showed that 25,000 less people per month were being diagnosed with cancer during the 2020 lock-downs in the UK.

The danger of simply taking the ‘pandemic’ at face value is that deaths are being attributed to Covid-19 which are not caused by Covid-19 but are caused by the drastic unproven measures that governments have taken to combat the spread of the virus. Measures which were promoted globally by an organisation with a major funder who has a vested interest in the vaccine industry and measures which, I might add, are clearly not working.

The Irish government’s Amárach weekly research has shown that we have over 90% compliance with the wearing of face-masks since August 2020, and as of 25th January 2021, face mask compliance was reported at 96%. If face masks are effective against this virus then why is the government reporting that the virus is spreading at an increasing rate? The reports also show that since August 2020, over 90% of people are complying with social distancing, hand washing, and the use of  hand sanitizer.

Given this data, it is possible that the government’s lock-down and other measures are actually what is making the situation worse. Many people are so afraid of catching Covid-19 that they are endangering their health by staying away from the hospitals, and many elective hospital procedures have been cancelled. The government measures have probably interrupted the normal and natural  development of herd immunity in the population to the ever changing flu viruses that come around every year and this is what may account for the ‘spikes’ in Covid that we see once restrictions are lifted.

On this point, one should note that the World Health Organisation has very recently changed the definition of herd immunity by removing any reference to naturally occurring herd immunity. According to the WHO, herd immunity can now only be achieved by vaccination. Again it is important to remember that some of those who fund the WHO stand to gain from the production and sale of the very vaccines the WHO is promoting. This is not to say that the vaccines are bad, (we’ll get to that in a minute), it just shows that there is a conflict of interest which could lead to decisions being made under the influence of vested interests rather than for public health.

Many people are not aware that Bill Gates seeks to reduce the world’s population and that vaccination is a key element in this. In one of his Ted Talks called ‘Innovating to Zero’,  Bill Gates said the following.

“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

Given the power of these globalist financiers and their commitment to developing global vaccination programmes whilst at the same time seeking to reduce the world’s population, one should be cautious about simply accepting their statements at face value because their population reduction agenda drives much of what they are advocating.

Bishop Kevin Doran

I was sad to see Bishop Doran repeating the Bill Gates mantra ‘no vaccine – no return to normal’. Bishop Doran says “The development of a vaccine which is safe, effective, and widely available represents the best chance of a return to normal living, for all of us,…”

There are other, more sensible alternatives to the vaccine solution. These include, simply lifting most of the restrictions and focussing our efforts on those who are most vulnerable. According to the HPSC data in Ireland, there is a recovery rate from Covid-19 of over 99% for those under 65 years of age. It is therefore untenable to claim that Covid-19 is the great killer presented to us by the government and the media, because the figures do not support such a hypothesis and we should not randomly vaccinate people, who are not at risk, with experimental medicines and unethical vaccines.

As I have mentioned before, I am surprised that the CDF and Bishop Doran, in questioning the morality of using abortion tainted vaccines, only refer to the immorality of cooperating with abortion. There are three gravely evil matters I know of which are associated with abortion derived vaccines and a fourth matter which increases the gravity of the evil.

The first grave evil is the abortion itself. The second grave evil is the desecration of the human corpse. The third grave evil is the for-profit trade in human remains for medical, scientific and commercial research purposes. The fourth matter, which increases the gravity of the previous three, is that there is evidence that some of these human tissue ‘samples’ were removed whilst the heart of the unborn child was still beating. In other words, the baby was still alive.

Pamela Acker was recently interviewed by John-Henry Westen of Life Site News. Pamela, a Catholic who has worked in a vaccine research laboratory but could not continue working there due to a conscientious objection to the proposed use of the Human Embryonic Kidney cell line HEK-293 as part of the research, has recently published a book ‘Vaccination – The Catholic Perspective’ in which she examines this issue. In the interview she says:

“They will actually deliver these babies via caesarean section. The babies are still alive when the researchers start extracting the tissue; to the point where their heart is still beating, and they’re generally not given any anaesthetic, because that would disrupt the cells that the researchers are trying to extract.

So, they’re removing this tissue, all the while the baby is alive and in extreme amounts of pain. So, this makes it even more sadistic.”

It amazes me how Bishops and moral theologians can be so seemingly casual when talking about permitting the use of vaccines which use the cells of aborted babies in their development. Bishop Doran tells us “The Church has always made a distinction between formal (deliberate) involvement in an immoral act and material involvement, which may often be incidental and remote.

Significantly, a remote material involvement, does not share in the immoral intention of the original sinful act.”

But, as I have pointed out with regard to not sharing the immoral intention, this of itself, does not justify the use of such vaccines, and there is more than one gravely sinful act that must be considered in relation to this matter.


Let us for a moment imagine that the vaccines we are talking about did not make use of aborted foetal cells. Let us imagine that instead they used cell lines taken from a Polish Jew who was killed during medical experiments at Auschwitz.

Or let us imagine that the cell lines used were taken from a five year old black slave girl in America who had a rare blood type that was useful for developing vaccines, and she was murdered in order to get access to this valuable blood type.

I do not for one minute think that we would be given public statements  from moral theologians which told us that we could accept the use of these vaccines because of remote material involvement. Such a public statement would rightly be seen as an insult to the memory and dignity of the Jews who were murdered at Auschwitz and would be seen as an insult to the memory and dignity of those blacks who were bought and sold and may have been killed as slaves.

In these latter two examples, were it not so politically incorrect, an argument could be made as to the acceptability of such vaccines because there are no longer Polish Jews in concentration camps in Auschwitz and because black slavery is no longer tolerated in America. Therefore, such use would not contribute to prolonging the evil.

But the same cannot be said about the use of foetal cells from electively aborted babies. Abortion is an ongoing, lucrative business that claims the lives of over 50 million babies annually and there is still a lucrative trade in body parts from aborted babies as was recently revealed by David Daleiden in his videos which showed Planned Parenthood employees casually discussing the aborted baby parts trade.

I think the reason that abortion does not arouse the same horrors as slavery or the Jewish holocaust is that these little ones, so loved by Jesus Christ, are hidden from view. There are many stories of the Jews and of the slaves who survived, but, there are very few who survive abortion and very little interest in their stories of escape from the abortion mills.

The fact that abortion is now legal in most countries of the world has deadened the sensibilities of ordinary people. We speak of abortion as if it is just another word. I have never heard Catholics complain of the use of images from the holocaust or of the use of images showing  the brutality of the American slave trade. But I have heard Catholics object to the showing of the little babies murdered by abortion. Why is this?

Abortion is a business and the use of foetal cell-lines for medical, scientific and commercial purposes is a spin-off industry. Those who accept vaccines which derive from, or which are tested on, foetal cell-lines from aborted babies, are helping to keep these sickening businesses in operation. There may not be material co-operation in the actual abortion but I am not so sure that you can say that there is no material co-operation in the body parts trade. After all, these tainted products are bought and sold, doctors are paid, so that we can benefit.

We have the power to end this grisly trade by refusing to accept the products that result from this grave moral evil. It is illegal to buy and to sell Rhinoceros horn, and those who purchase products made from Rhinoceros horn can be prosecuted because they are contributing to the killing of the Rhinoceros. The same must be true of those who accept the baby parts products, they are prolonging the existence of the body parts trade which is gravely evil. Are we really saying that the Rhinoceros should be afforded greater protection than unborn babies? The Catechism teaches that “it is contrary to human dignity to cause animals to suffer or die needlessly”. Are we not morally obliged to offer greater protection to the unborn than we offer to animals?

So why are Catholics being told that we can accept a vaccine that has been developed or tested on body parts derived from the murder of the most innocent human beings of all?

It would seem to me that the revulsion over these abortion tainted vaccines, felt by those Catholics who are directly involved in the pro-life movements, is an expression of the ‘sensus fidei’ of the Catholic faithful.

Saying that it is morally permissible to take such tainted vaccines, actually perpetuates the trade in aborted foetal remains and does nothing to diminish it. I would argue that it is therefore immoral, not because of being complicit in the abortion itself, but because it is directly helping to sustain the market for the trading of body parts that come from aborted babies.

Bishop Doran also makes the unsubstantiated claim that, “if significant numbers of people chose not to be vaccinated the result could be significant loss of life and serious illness in the community and especially among those who are most vulnerable.”

The first and most obvious response to this is that significant numbers of elderly and vulnerable people die every year. There is no known cure for death. We will all die one day.

But, according to Irish Government figures, the median age of death from the beginning of Covid-19 in Ireland in early March 2020, up to the third week of January 2021, was 83 years of age, and the average age of death was 81 years of age. (source: HPSC Weekly Report on the Epidemiology of COVID-19 in Ireland Week 3 25/01/2021)

Given that the average life expectancy in Ireland is 82.1 years of age, this means that just over half of those who died ‘with’ Covid-19 in Ireland had already lived longer than the average life expectancy.

Covid-19 is not having a significant impact on life expectancy in this country and, to lock-down a country, to destroy the livelihoods of thousands of people, to imprison people in their homes, to deny access to the Sacraments, and to ban visitors from nursing homes is an act of unnecessary and incalculable cruelty.

The Pfizer-BionTech and Moderna medicines are not vaccines per-se, they are a new experimental technology which has not been properly tested. The FDA has authorised their use but it has withheld approval from them.

Excerpt From FDA Emergency Approval for Pfizer-BioNTech Medicine

The European Medicines Agency has only granted ‘conditional marketing authorisation’ for these vaccines which means that they have not undergone the same testing used for normal medicine approval.

This means that we are now in a live human test scenario with these experimental medicines, and that there is no longer any ‘control group’ being used to compare the test results against. They are leaving out an essential part of scientific research and experimentation which could be putting lives and health at risk. The companies producing these medicines have been indemnified against any claims for harm done. Will the Catholic Church compensate anyone who suffers as a result of the experimental medicines they are advocating?

It is also sad to note that in Bishop Doran’s article, he never mentions Jesus Christ. The only solution he proposes to the virus is a vaccine, regardless of whether or not children were murdered in order to make that vaccine available or were murdered to provide testing  material for the vaccine. Nothing supernatural is offered to us.

In this world view, Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church seem to have nothing to offer us apart from telling us that we can, and perhaps must, accept these abortion tainted vaccines. For me, this is unacceptable. We seem to be setting aside the foundational principle of moral theology – it is never licit to do evil, even though great good may come out of it. We seem to be setting aside Our Saviour Jesus Christ in favour of pharmaceutical companies and snake oil salesmen. I refuse to co-operate.