Mammy – by Christy Bracken


Mammy I’m your baby,
Hug me and caress me,
Nourish and protect me,
‘Cause Mammy I’m your baby.

woman hugging boy on her lap

I want to look into your eyes,
When you tuck me into bed at night,
Smile and kiss you tenderly,
‘Cause Mammy I’m your baby.

woman holding baby up

They try to tell you I’m not real,
But deep down I know you feel,
Me wriggle ‘round inside of you,
Mammy that’s what babies do.

pregnant near door

I want to watch the flowers grow,
The mountains tall all white with snow,
Run and jump into the sea,
You running, chasing after me.

girl playing beside body of water during daytime

I want to be there when your old,
And keep you warm from winter’s cold,
Together we can make it through,
‘Cause you love me and I love you,
And I just want to be with you.

woman and child grayscale photo