Lumen Fidei Institute RSE Submission

The Lumen Fidei Institute has responded to the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment’s request for submissions on Relationships & Sexuality Education in Irish schools. We point out that the Irish government has uncritically accepted the false and unscientific LGBT agenda and now seeks to impose that agenda on Irish school children regardless of the school’s ethos and regardless of parent’s wishes in this matter. As usual, consultation with parents is minimal and arises after the reports have been commissioned.

You can read our full submission HERE

Catholic Parents need to be fully aware of this latest move to restrict Catholic schools from teaching Catholic Truths to school children in the area of human sexuality. Catholic parents need to gather together to oppose this move. Parents need to contact their bishop, their TD, their school principal and their children’s teachers. Parents need to inform themselves of what the Catholic Church teaches on these matters.

A good starting place is the Congregation for the Family’s document The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality which urges parents to reclaim their God given role in the education of their own children.