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Government attacks on Catholic Parents & their Children

A report is being launched today by the Oireachtais Committee on Education & Skills on ‘Relationships & Sexuality Education’ in Irish schools.

Media coverage of the report tells us some of what is in the report. The report recommends that all children will be taught about abortion, contraception and all children are to be indoctrinated in the false LGBT ideology regardless of the ethos of the school. This report is the latest move in Government attacks on the rights of Catholic parents to be in control of the education of their children. Catholic parents must resist this move, otherwise we will no longer be permitted by the state to have Catholic schools which teach about the beauty of human sexuality according to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

In a totalitarian suggestion, reminiscent of the Stasi security services of communist East Germany, it is recommended that schools record instances of ‘homophobic and transphobic’ bullying. This will encourage the LGBT police to spy on teachers who fully uphold Catholic teaching in an effort to catch them out. Anyone who says that homosexual acts are immoral and disordered will be accused of homophobia. Anyone teacher who tries to teach children that there are only two genders, male and female, will be liable to be accused of transphobic bullying, even though there are no transgender people, that is, there are no males in female bodies or females in male bodies.

The recent victories that the Irish Government has scored against Catholic teaching in referenda has made them bold. They now seek to destroy Catholic education in this country and trample the rights of Irish Catholic parents into the dust. Catholic parents have a moral duty to protect their children from this oppressive government initiative and to resist at all costs. However the government seem determined on their course of action so Catholic parents will need to be organised if they are to have any chance of protection their children from this dangerous government.