French President Insults African Mothers of Large Families

French President Emmanuel Macron has insulted African women who have large families.       by James Risdon – Lifesitenews

He is being called out by one group for “racism.”

Macron made his comments at a Goalkeepers event in the shadow of the United Nations in New York. That’s an event hosted by tech giant Bill Gates and his wife Melinda’s pro-abortion and pro-contraception Gates Foundation, in late September.

“One of the critical issues we have regarding the African demography is the fact that this is not a chosen fertility,” said Macron. “I always say, ‘Please, present me the lady who decided, being perfectly educated, to have seven, eight, nine children.”

Macron said that African girls need to be “properly educated.”

In a videotaped speech, the politician claimed education is needed in Africa to empower women to make their own reproductive choices – buzzwords usually associated with making contraception and abortion available – and suggested these girls and women would not have such large families if given the choice.

He rejected as “pure bulls**t” any notion that he was trying to school Blacks in the United States on what to do with their lives.

Macron is being called out for “racism” by Campaign Life Coalition, Canada’s political arm of the pro-life movement. Even though he portrayed himself as other than a racist while suggesting African women need to use contraceptives and abortion to keep their families small, his ideas betrayed a colonial mindset, said a spokeswoman.

“Emmanuel Macron is right to value girl’s education but his emphasis on a ‘chosen’ fertility rate and the so-called essential role of family planning betrays a very colonial sort of motivation,” said Emily Price.

“Educated women and big families are not incompatible with a productive, developing society, as Macron has suggested,” she said. “Quite the contrary. People are the means by which the future is built.”

She dubbed the Macron’s ideological bent as “philanthropic racism.”

“The French president and his wealthy friends’ push for population control in Africa reveals an ideological supremacy that is extremely dangerous,” said Price.

“On one hand, they promote just causes like education, improved infrastructure and humanitarian aid, but at the same time, they aggressively promote this idea that in order to bring girls and families out of poverty, the poor must abort their children and sterilize their women, killing future generations of Africans,” she said.

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