Fascism Destroys Freedom

Less than 90 years after the rise of the tyranny of Hitler and the carbon-copy dictatorship of Mussolini, Christian pastors and teachers are once again being torn down, sometimes violently, from their pulpits and their blackboards.

This time it is not happening in Germany but – of all places – in Britain, and with the explicit support, among others, of the dithering old fogeys who are headmaster and provost of Eton, the Governors of Trent College, Nottingham, and the Kommissar [the German mot juste for “Commissioner”] of the Metropolitan Police.

Why is it legitimate to characterise these and suchlike august persons as Fascist (or, in the Fascists’ own carefully-chosen disguise-word, “woke”)?

First, the context. In 1999 Boris Yeltsin, who had supplanted the Communists, was removed from office by a silent but deadly coup led by the former KGB. The instigator of that coup, Vladimir Putin, then became Tsar of All the Russias, and installed his former KGB cronies in positions of power throughout the land. The old aristocracy of terror was restored.

But Putin was painfully aware, as was Xi Jinping, who rose to power in once-Communist China a decade later, that Communism is economically catastrophic. The Communist Manifesto required nationalisation of the means of production, distribution and exchange under the direct control of the dictator and his politburo.

That recipe for bankruptcy, scarcity and poverty removed the free-market incentives which have made the West prosperous and effortlessly successful. Both Putin and Xi were not stupid. They realised that Communism was an abject economic failure.

They also knew that the Fascist dictators of Germany and Italy had – until the Second World War – presided over countries that had shown astonishingly rapid economic growth. For Hitler and Mussolini had left all but the largest businesses free to do their own thing and jostle for success in the marketplace.

Therefore, they instituted near-identical Fascist economic structures which, for the first time since the Communist revolutions in Russia and then in China, allowed all but the largest businesses complete freedom to operate without the Communist Manifesto’s constraints.

The largest businesses were required to cooperate closely with the dictators and their “Councils of State” (their disguise-word for politburo). That is why it was such bad idea for Britain’s most ineffectual Prime Minister, Theresa May, to let Huawei build Britain’s 5G cellphone infrastructure. Huawei is big enough to answer directly to Xi and his junta.

However, both Putin and Xi were painfully aware how far behind the West their economies had fallen thanks to the brutal stupidities of Communism. Therefore, they both took deliberate decisions to continue and greatly to accelerate the elaborate and costly Communist programme of destroying the fabric of Western society and, if possible, of getting the West to destroy itself from within, so as to give themselves an unfair but very powerful economic advantage.

There is no space here to reveal the myriad methods by which both the Russian and Chinese regimes work daily and actively, but covertly and deceptively (look up the word maskirovka), to undermine the West and bring it low economically, to their profit.

Here, there is only space to look at one of those methods: the organised destruction of the natural family.

Within only three years of the Communist revolution in Russia, Lenin had arranged for an emissary to be secretly sent to brief the Communist Party of the United States, which, acting directly under Russian instructions, forthwith adopted a series of resolutions designed to undermine and destroy the family, which the Communists had identified as the pillar of the West.

Dutifully, the Communists of the United States adopted the specified resolutions to promote first divorce, then abortion, then homosexuality and suchlike deviancies from the natural family. They have been at it tirelessly for exactly a century, and have succeeded – except in one refractory direction.

Christianity remains opposed to divorce because it harms the children of the marriage, to abortion because it tortures and then kills children, and homosexuality because it shortens the lives of its victims by as many years as heavy smoking does.

That, then, is the context. Now consider three stories, all of them in the past few months.

First, Eton. The “woke” headmaster [you now know what “woke” really means] has sacked one of the school’s most popular teachers for refusing to remove from his own YouTube channel a fair-minded and unobjectionable lecture raising legitimate questions about the alleged domination of wimmin (or, as we must now call them, “chest-feeding menstruant persons”) by male “patriarchy”.

The Provost, a goofy ex-Tory Minister, endorsed that savage attempt at denial of free speech, guaranteeing that the teacher’s lecture went viral.

Next, Trent College. It is nominally Christian, but was recently infiltrated by a well-funded lobby group (I should be most interested to know who is funding it) coyly entitled Educate and Celebrate, which persuaded the barmy governors – who, like most people in the West, have no idea who is really behind this nonsense – to allow the group to “embed gender, gender identity and sexual orientation into the fabric of your organisation”.

The Anglican chaplain, Dr Bernard Randall, preached a sermon saying, politely, that pupils should regard themselves as free to continue to uphold Christian teaching on these questions. He was sacked, then reinstated by the vacillating governors, then furloughed, then dismissed again.

One of the reasons why the Fascists push the feeble-minded drivel of identity politics is that it is a powerful form of brainwashing. The chaplain gives a fascinating account of a school assembly at which he saw dozens of teachers mindlessly repeating the zombie chant “Smash heteronormativity!” to the bafflement and alarm of the hapless pupils.

This mindlessness is exactly what Putin and Xi wish to engender in the West. It is now rife not only in schools and universities but also in workplaces, adding yet another crippling cost to businesses’ profit and loss accounts – a cost that is not, of course, inflicted on businesses in Russia or China. Indeed, Putin has legislated against homosexuality.

There are many, many such financial millstones round the necks of Western businesses, which appear to be self-inflicted but are chiefly instigated by Russian and Chinese covert counter-intelligence operations. The quadrupling of electricity prices in the name of Saving The Planet is another. Putin has been actively subsidising anti-fracking groups in the West. China welcomes the industries and jobs priced out of the West by needlessly elevated energy costs.

Next time, I shall cover the astonishing story of Pastor Sherwood, a blameless, 71-year-old preacher violently assaulted, injured, unlawfully imprisoned for 21 hours and mercilessly interrogated by police (One question was “What would you say if your son was homosexual?”).

The woke Kommissar of the Metropolitan Volkspolizei has thus far refused to have her officers’ serious, imprisonable offences investigated by another force.

This is a cause celebre in the making. The pastor’s alleged crime? Tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Askelon: he uttered the words “Male and female created he them” in the street.