Comprehensive Document on Irish State Plans for Children

Several people have recently sent me a link to a comprehensive document called ‘RSE Ireland 2019 – A New Global Vision for Education’. I don’t know who the author(s) of this document is and I have not read all 159 pages, but what I have read shows in great detail what the global sex-education movement have planned for children in Irish schools and how they are using such things as the climate hoax to indoctrinate children and use them as ‘change agents’ when it comes to corrupting children by making them sexually active from a very early age, even before the age of four years old.

Here are some quotes from the document which give you an idea of how these people regard your children.

“We need to listen to ourselves and the system; give courage to decision-makers: a Citizen Assembly for Educational Reform; 50% of the Citizen Assembly should be children;”

“Children must master cognitive empathy and young people (teens) must practice and practice being changemakers…The test: What percent of teens know they are changemakers?”

‘The programme targets change-makers, educators, activists, artists, community workers, adult educators, youth workers, volunteers and anyone who is interested how creative engagement can nurture global citizenship and empathic action around local and global justice themes.’ Galway One World Centre, supported by Department Foreign Affairs and Trade-Irish Aid, gives workshops to schools on various topics e.g., global citizenship, human rights, UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.”

Of particular interest is the National University of Ireland, Galway, where a core group of sex -educators are preparing strategies for how best to get explicit sex-education into Irish schools, including Catholic schools.

Kate Dawson, who is currently a researcher with NUIG’s UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, believes that primary school children need to be taught about masturbation and should also be given ‘porn literacy’ classes. In a tweet in January of this year she said:

“If we only talk about the risks we continue to pass on shame and embarrassment about sexual exploration and pleasure. Youth need information about porn but also the realities of sex so that they can make these distinctions themselves”

Here is a link to the complete document RSE Ireland 2019. Be warned that some of the links in the document lead to information that is only suitable for adults. I don’t like these links but Catholic parents in Ireland need to wake up to the fact that the global sex industry is targetting your children for sexual grooming.