Catholic Voice Issue 288 Articles

Beginning with Issue 288, Catholic Voice is currently being published in a new A4 format which is receiving overwhelmingly favourable reviews.

Click on a link below to view some of the articles from Catholic Voice Issue 288 – 10 April – 23 April 2020 and to see the new format style.

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Anne O’Hare – We Are Devastated – Northern Ireland family with 12 children asked to leave their home during covid-19 emergency.

Mary Kearns – How Shall We Sing The Lord’s Song – Mary reflects on the Babylonian captivity with comparisons to our current situation where Catholics across the world cannot access the Sacraments and offers some helpful advice.

John Lacken – The Bishops Should Restore The Sacraments To The Faithful – John argues that Christ’s command to the apostles to ‘Feed My sheep’ still applies even in times of pandemic. If people can still go out to buy bread, milk, beer, and other material necessities, then there is no reason why safe provision cannot be made for access to the life giving Sacraments of the Catholic Church.

Martin Burger – The Monks of Norcia – Martin takes a look at what the Benedictine Monks of Norcia are doing in response to the grave situation facing Italy

Fr Conor McDonough O.P – Fear No Evil – Fr McDonough encourages Catholics to live full and spiritual lives in these strange times and not to give in to fear.