Calling Evil Good – Holles Street Hospital

Ireland’s National Maternity Hospital is in the news for all of the wrong reasons. The details that have emerged so far, say that a baby was aborted because a preliminary test showed up the possibility of Trisomy 18. The baby was aborted, and then subsequent test results showed no evidence of Trisomy 18.

I was born in Holles Street Hospital. My youngest daughter was also born there because of a complicated pregnancy. My wife was in Holles Street for nine weeks with placenta accreta and ended up having an emergency caesarean hysterectomy to deliver our youngest daughter who is now seventeen years old. I have the highest regard for the care that our family received from Holles Street during those nine weeks. We even had an impromptu music concert in my wife’s room on Christmas day 2001 at the hospital.

But since last year, there has arisen a serious conflict of interest at the National Maternity Hospital. On their website, under a section titled ‘unplanned pregnancy support services’ they state ” As an organisation we continue to develop and pioneer new services in line with best medical practice and the law.”

But the law in Ireland that deals with pregnancy, is now in conflict with ‘best medical practice’. Killing a healthy human being up to twelve weeks into a pregnancy is bad medical practice as it contradicts a basic principle of medicine, ‘first, do no harm’. But this is now the law in Ireland and, similar to Christ’s admonition about not being able to follow two masters, in Ireland one cannot now follow best medical practice in relation to pregnancy unless one is prepared to oppose our abortion laws.

Sadly, Holles Street have chosen to follow the law, at the expense of best medical practice. Their website also states ” From January 7th 2019 we have been accepting referrals for elective abortion services under the Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy Act 2018.” Holles Street will now kill healthy innocent human beings even though this is against best medical practice. What happened in relation to the child that was killed because Trisomy 18 was wrongly diagnosed is just the begining of the inevitable decline of the standards of this once great hospital.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin
A Governor of Holles Street

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is a governor of the hospital but has so far declined to comment on the matter apparently saying that he has no role in the hospital. Evil thrives when good men stay silent.

Let us pray for the parents involved in this sad case. They have been gravely misled by people in the medical and political professions and now their child is dead. Killed by abortion. Let us also pray that this sad case will bring about some good by causing people to think again about what they may have voted into our country.

It is never lawful or good medical practice to kill an innocent human being in her mother’s womb.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for Ireland.