Bring Him Home?

Leo Varadkar wants to allow captured ISIS terrorists to be brought back to Ireland!

The Taoiseach is willing to risk the security of Irish people

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, speaking at the first EU-Arab League of States summit in Egypt in recent days, said that he would allow ISIS members captured abroad, who hold Irish citizenship, to be brought back to Ireland. 

At best the Taoiseach is naïve and underestimates the threat these people would pose.  At worst he is willing to risk the future security of people both here and elsewhere in order to keep in line with the overly Islam-friendly narrative of the EU political establishment. 

Alexandr Bekmirzaev

Alexandr Bekmirzaev is a Belarus-born Muslim who lived in Ireland for some thirteen years, acquiring Irish citizenship in that time. In 2013 he went to Syria with his family and joined ISIS.  He was captured on the 30th of December 2018.

When his arrest became known here in January Leo Varadkar said: “any Irish citizen around the world is entitled to consular assistance and will get that.”  The concept of a member of ISIS – one of the most evil entities in existence – being entitled to consular assistance is hard to stomach.

Now the Taoiseach is proposing that someone like Bekmirzaev be brought back to Ireland.  Presumably to be tried for actions committed in Syria. 

Why should we rush to make ISIS our problem?

It seems Mr Varadkar likes to talk big.

“I think it’s bad practice to revoke somebody’s citizenship and render them stateless and leave them to be somebody’s else’s problem.”

Why should we rush to make ISIS our problem?  What does Ireland have to do with ISIS?  (Apart from the fact that we may be unwittingly harbouring dozens of them.)

Do we really have the responsibility to house the likes of Alexandr Bekmirzaev, who came here, acquired Irish citizenship and then left to join a group committing atrocities in the name of Islam? 

This is Ireland.  We are not an Islamic country, nor do we want to be, despite Varadkar trying to pose as the leader of a pro-Islam nation. 

The sentencing last year of Hassan Bal should be a warning about how correct or not our country’s attitude is in dealing with ISIS criminals.  This is an English-born Muslim who lived in Waterford for many years, is also an Irish citizen, and pleaded guilty to providing funds in 2015 for use by the Islamic State.  Bal had even attempted to join ISIS in Syria as a fighter that same year.

Soft sentencing and blame placed on Islamophobia!

ISIS Fighters Welcome

He was jailed for just two and a half years.  This was very little for someone who was obviously serious about jihad.  The judge took the opportunity to prop up the acceptable group-think when he commented that Islamophobia should have “no place in our society”. 

A member of a sadistic terrorist group gets two and a half years – that’s a great deterrent – and now a welcome “home” is to be extended to one of the “brothers” caught abroad. 

Michael Murphy, former army intelligence officer, speaking about security issues regarding Islamic extremists in 2017 said, “we have invited ourselves in to the problem”.

Yes.  Not we but our governments.  And it seems, for Mr Varadkar, we are just not “in to the problem” enough.