Bishop Schneider Launches New Book

One of our Lumen Fidei Institute patrons, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, has recently launched a book-length interview conducted with Diane Montagna of LifeSiteNews. Our other patrons, Cardinal Burke and John Smeaton attended the press conference for the book launch which was held at the Palazzo Cardinal Cesi, in Rome, on Monday, October 14.

The book is published by Angelico Press and can be ordered online at the following link with free delivery worldwide.

‘Christus Vincit: Christ’s Triumph Over the Darkness of the Age’

At the launch of the book, Bishop Schneider delivered a very clear and strong speech where he condemned those churchmen who betray their batismal vows.

” What a glaring contrast we see between such a heroic testimony of fidelity to his baptismal vows on the part of a lay faithful, in this case of Blessed Emperor Karl of Austria, and those churchmen who, in our day, actively collaborate with the promotion of sin and with anti-Christian and freemasonic powers. Such churchmen betray not only their baptismal vows, but even more the vows of their episcopal ordination. Indeed, many influential churchmen in our days engage in promoting the equality of all religions and the substitution of active evangelization with interreligious dialogue. In this way they not only betray Christ, but commit a great sin against the love for their neighbor.”

Bishop Schneider explained at the beginning of his address why he had agreed to do the interview.

“In doing so, my first thought was directed to the brave lay faithful, to fathers and mothers of families, to young men and young women, who are living amid the darkness of our unbelieving, hubristic and decidedly anti-Christian age. Unbelief and human hubris towards God and His supernatural Revelation have already penetrated widely into the life of the Church in our time. The brave lay faithful, the “little ones” in the Church, feel abandoned, since the vast majority of the shepherds seek their refuge in silence, while other shepherds for different motives have passed over to the enemies, thereby becoming wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

He continued ” I wanted to share something of my experience of the Catholic Faith and life, primarily with those who truly constitute the existential periphery within the Church of our time, that is to say: the “little ones,” who are confused, scandalized, and marginalized by worldly minded churchmen, who unscrupulously sell in the temple of God the white doves, i.e. the simple faithful.”

Bishop Schneider was introduced by Fr Gerald Murray who regularly appears on ‘The World Over’ with Raymond Arroyo. You can watch Bishop Schneider’s address at the book launch below with an introduction from Michael Matt of The Remnant newspaper. You can read the full text of Bishop Schneider’s speech on LifeSiteNews HERE.