Warning Symbols

Beware the Beginnings

Peter Hayes relates the story of how, following their grasp of power in 1933, Nazi thugs invaded the buildings of the National Association of German Industries, owned by Gustav Krupp, determined to get rid of Jews or other unmentionables. Of course, Krupp went to Hitler complaining at such unbecoming behaviour, but he was put in his place when the Fuhrer replied it was not his intention to curb the enthusiasm of the people in their vision for a brighter, better Reich. At this, Krupp acceded to their demands.  In protest, another member of the board, Georg Muller Oerlinghausen harangued Krupp for his weakness, as it was giving in to bullies and if we did not stand up for our rights, then who would?

In the new dysphoria which is Ireland 2019, we need to view the words of Muller Oerlinghausen with renewed importance, since our country and its Republic has decided to adopt the bully tactics regarding the direct taking of unborn life and to exert pressure upon health professionals, by this new enthusiasm of the people in their vision for a brighter, better Reich (sorry, Republic)!

We have seen, the near religious ecstasy after the May 25th 2018 referendum resulting in the vision of a Health Service from the very top, to the doctors and pen pushers in admin, stating that this must happen, the sheer delight, clearly a demonstration of empty, corrupted and dead souls.

Echoes of Heydrich at Wannsee
The whole month of December 2018, The Irish Times on a daily exhaustive updating, filled their readers with when this great vision will take place; a new take on how many sleeps till Christmas, which children now hear!  Take McGee and Edwards piece for the 17th  December for example: here they report that Dr Boylan states that services would start in the new year but would be ‘unrecognisable’ in a year’s time, once they are fully up and running… a completely new service with which people have not handled before.   For me personally, I felt a nauseated recalling the 2001 film: ‘Conspiracy’ and its scene where the agreements of the Wannsee Conference were summed up by Heydrich, played by Sir Kenneth Brannagh, to his fellow criminals:

‘Imagine, a triumphant German vision… Link arms, apply your ministries and intelligence; the machinery is waiting, feed it!  Get them on the trains and keep the trains rolling, we have the will. History will honour us for having the will to advance the human race in such a short space of time, that Charles Darwin would be amazed…’

Many may view this as shameful as well as a disgrace, but has this not been the inherited desire that the pro-death lobby has been advocating since 1983?  In the name of a pervasive and arrogant feminism, that has always been at the forefront of the tired maxim of taking control of women’s bodies and that is still believed by the unquestioned utterances of such quasi-votaries such as Ailbhe Smyth, formally of UCD and which found expression by the Telegraph’s Bryony Gordon, who saw it as one of the wonderful things by which 2018 should be remembered for.

While the vocal rants from professionals and amateurs alike, rose in ferocity for the denial of life to the unborn, it was the insidious insistence that all medical professionals and ancillary staff could not fall back on something as heinous as a ‘Catholic conscience’ and that they must be fully behind the new ‘service’ and that even the ICGP has allowed the Minister to presume upon their members co-operation.  Simon Harris, true to form, has shown contempt for any ethical unease with an attitude of get on or get out.  Here is shown a similarity with the mind-set of ‘The Final Solution’ that this is what is needed for the country, for its flourishing and its wellbeing, that these useless mouths and jellied excuses for humanity must be terminated; alongside with any residue of catholic moral scruples.

Nothing outside the party will be tolerated.
But, as any military tactician will tell you, to outflank your enemy is the key to victory and this has also pushed to the implementation of plans by force. According to Irish Independent writer, Philip Ryan, the whole cadre of lifestyles at odds with catholic mores will be taught in the Catholic school system, with no excuses, from homosexuality lucky dips to the holy of holies ‘transgenderism’, to be seen as no different from the heterosexual lifestyle.

Again, we see the gradual forcing or rather, the ‘direction of how implementation should be achieved’ is reflected in the totalitarian states of the twentieth century, that nothing outside the party will be tolerated.  It is also noted in Ryan’s piece, that primary schools will also be included: intellectual disabilities and how sexual lifestyle and contraception affects their lives!  That this view is upheld by a similar attempt by the Nazi ideology is well founded; after all, it was their task to replace religious sentiment with a massively enhanced national self-awareness.

With the term ‘forced’ as quoted by Ryan, we can safely guess that failure to comply with, or an active resistance offered the state’s proposals, will be met with legal sanctions; even penal deterrents maybe applied. There may be a certain amount of limited protest allowed from the start, but as with the health professionals, as well as the near eight hundred thousand who voted to retain the Eighth Amendment, teachers must expect to be forced to go against their conscience or face the consequences.

Attack on faith schools and more to come.
In November 2011, Dame Louise Casey (yet another apostate Catholic) called faith schools – and by inference – Catholic schools, elitist and pointless that formulate apartheid to the British way of life.  This was followed by a columnist in the Times to castigate that there was nothing nationalist about them and thus by inference to be Catholic is to be un-British and therefore, uncivilised!

By these attitudes from perfidious Albion, we must expect similar attacks on conscience, faith expression and liberties, which the uniformity now gradually coming into play in Leo Varadkar’s atheistic and growing plutocratic republic, will be insisted upon.

However, it is of note that the Vice-Chancellor of St Mary’s, Twickenham, Francis Campbell, stated that in any retreat from Catholic education, the Church would weaken democracy and lead to this rise of totalitarianism.

So an envelopment of sorts is taking place, where a sizeable amount of professional health care providers are effectively told where to go with their Catholic hang-ups; where a difference of opinion is viewed as nothing less than treason.  But it is the deafening silence from our resident ‘philosopher–president’, who is so quick to lecture and give advice when his socialist communist friends meet with outrages to their personal freedoms, and yet this supposedly intellectual colossus is quiet when the unborn are denied personhood and consciences are attacked. In the reviews by the Irish Times and Irish Independent of President Higgins’ 2016 book: ‘When Ideas Matter: Speeches for an Ethical Republic’ we are greeted with such sycophantic rubbish, as showed in the following, that verges on the conveyance of a pseudo-messianic complex:

 ‘Higgins uses his gift of words to powerful effectwe can only rejoice in the energy and    light that he brings– The Irish Times

Higginss orations are erudite, elegantly written and always thought- provoking – The Irish Independent

However, to read through what amounts to rehashed socialist agendas from the 1970’s there is no mention of those rights now being denied, but the holy cow of women’s rights are commented upon with near reverential awe and with that, abortion and contraception are praised, but nothing that would come near to an equalisation that the unborn are deserving protection of their human rights.   In my last letter, I mentioned Higgins’ expression of delight at over seventy years of the UN’s declaration of human rights and it is interesting to revisit what the Irish Times printed of this speech:

 ‘There are those who openly deny rights won through long and difficult struggles and glory in discriminationThreats to human rights originate not only from states, but from unaccountable agglomerations of private power

By this we can read into the unholy hands of such ignoble creatures such as George Soros and the likes of the BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service) which have already come on board to make Varadkar and Harris’ dream of death to be actualised, and yet Higgins will see that abortion is one of those rights and has been realised by vox populi Hibernia.  But everyone knows, except him, that abortion is not a women’s right, not even the UN has declared that.  So much for his intellectual prowess!

The mind set and strategy of the Third Reich.
Many may view my observations as verging on the realm of fantasy, but I believe that what took place between 1983 and 2018 has many linkages with the mind set and stratagems with which the Third Reich gained power and thus control; after all, the abortion regime was industrialised by its 1921 national adoption by the Soviets and later on by the Nazis after 1935, for those cases deemed not worthy of life.

What made Hitler’s consolidation of power from 1935, was a gradual wearing down of the western democracies by aping the democratic system firstly, to gain power and secondly, a general pleading of spurious claims to ancient lands and ethnic Aryans being bullied and suppressed by foreign aggressors, such as in Czechoslovakia and ultimately Poland. The policy of appeasement rendered Britain and France impotent in the face of German aggression, only Churchill’s warning of this failure to stand up and confront counteracted this travesty.

Likewise here, we have seen a gradual adoption of such tactics wherein the sad cases – and they are sad and tragic – of taking the boat to England culminated in the sacred calf of the Salvita case, where her death was heinously exploited by quasi-religious candle lighting, huddled masses of Mná Na hÉireann pleading for the right to kill the unborn, aided and abetted by the media and the fourth estate, whose blanket coverage of these sad events, plus ample print space set aside to castigate the moral failures of the Church with equal fervour. This was helped by the equal failure of the lamentable catechetical programmes from 1965 onwards adding to an inability for the majority to either know or articulate a passable response to this Soros funded socio/moral blitzkrieg!

Confidence must lead us to love.
However, the continual denial of rights to the unborn who were consistently and wickedly castigated as jellied inconveniences, by pseudo academics and with ongoing assaults upon church altars (remember the draping of a ‘repeal’ sweatshirt on an altar in Dublin?) all points to the similar usurpation by the Nazis of Church and Catholic imagery as well as the castigation of the Jews and the handicapped as unworthy of living.

With the deliberate denial of the exercise of conscience of health professionals, where the will of the state nearly supersedes the expression of other rights, and with no one in authority willing to take a stand against such an affront to civil liberties, from Amnesty to the national treasure ensconced in the Áras, we have become a cold country which the noble minds of a century past, would not recognise, but see as an imperialism, equally, if not more obnoxious to the Christian and ancient values with which our country gained its most illustrious title: The Land of Saints and Scholars.  One hopes, by the passing of another hundred years – if not sooner – another volte face, towards Heavenly ideals will have blotted out this current ignominy and in that hope, we take comfort in the words of St. Therese of Lisieux: it is in confidence, and this alone, that must lead us to love.


Fr. John McCallion – is curate for Clonoe parish in the Archdiocese of Armagh.