Abortion Regrets

We held a very successful conference in Limerick on Saturday 25th May, the first anniversary of the passage of Ireland’s ‘abortion’ referendum which allows the government to legislate for the termination of pregnancy without any restrictions. Due to the wording of the referendum, the Irish people no longer have a say in this matter as the government have freed themselves from the restrictions of our constitution.

One of the key points that emerged for me from our conference last Saturday, is the fact that many women suffer tremendously after their abortions. When the realisation that they have killed one of their own children dawns on them, it is very hard to face. Many of these women felt pressured into abortion, believing that they did not have any other option.

There is a huge onus on all of us who wish to promote the culture of life, to seek ways to support any woman who finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy and who believes that she has no other option apart from abortion. We must increase the level of support that we offer to these women and to their children post birth. We must create a huge awareness of the fact that there are other options and that we are prepared to help any woman who finds herself in this situation in order to relieve the pressure that many of these women are put under to abort their children.

The abortion lobby tries to demonise us saying that we do not care for these women after abortion. Anyone who has any experience of pro-life pregnancy counselling groups in this country knows that this is a lie, but we need to improve how we get that message out there to vulnerable women.