Viscount Christopher Monckton, of Brenchley
Annual Catholic Voice Conference,

Saturday 24th Movember 2018
"Climate of Genocide
How the Global Warming Religion Kills Millions."


Marriage - Sacred Scripture - Dei Verbum

Christ, in the Gospels, laid down the essential foundations for marriage without which marriages cannot validly take place.
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On whose constant intercession...

Some people ask if honouring relics is an orthodox devotion or are there links with superstition and is there some connection originating in paganism?
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St Nicholas

Dom Prosper Gueranger

Divine Wisdom has willed that on the way which leads to the Messias, our great High Priest, there should be many pontiffs to pay Him the honour due to Him. Two Popes, St. Melchiades and St.Damasus; two holy doctors, St. Peter Chrysologus and St. Ambrose; two bishops,St. Nicholas and St. Eusebius; Read More>

Marriage According to St Peter

We have seen that ‘Dei Verbum ‘says “the interpreter of Sacred Scripture, in order to see clearly what God wanted to communicate to us, should carefully investigate what meaning the sacred writers really intended, and what God wanted to manifest by means of their words.”
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Absolution at the Catafalque:

During the month of November, the Church is particularly mindful of her children who are suffering in purgatory.
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Dom Prosper Gueranger

Practice During Advent
If our holy mother the Church spends the time of Advent in this solemn preparation for the threefold coming of Jesus Christ; Read More

advent candles

The Season of Advent

Canon Wulfran Lebocq

In our modern culture, it is all too easy to forget that Christmas has not yet arrived. Read More>

Saint Peter Chrysologus

St Peter Chrysologus

Dom Prosper Gueranger

The same divine Providence, which would not that the Church should be deprived of the consolation of keeping, during Advent, the feast of some of the apostles, who announced to the Gentiles the coming of the Messias, has also willed that the holy doctors, who defended the true faith against heretics, should be represented in this important season of the Catholic year. Read More>